Wednesday, July 25, 2012

August Mystery Agent Contest Reminder

Don't forget to get those one-sentence pitches ready for August 1st! Why? Because we have an awesome Mystery Agent waiting in the Operation Awesome agent greenroom. 

Our August Mystery Agent is looking for any sub genre of MG and YA fiction only (though the M.A rarely takes on high fantasy). 


  • Pitches should be for completed manuscripts only.
  • You can enter one pitch for one novel - if you make a mistake, just delete your entry and repost.
  • Yes, you are eligible to enter even if you've won MA contests in the past.
  • The first 50 qualifying pitches will be accepted - don't pay attention to the comment numbers. We will close the contest when we've reached our limit.
  • If the rules (which will be posted on August 1st) are not followed, your pitch will be disqualified. Please carefully read the guidelines and follow them
  • Pitches should be one-line pitches - try not to push the boundaries on this one - Four sentences separated by semi-colons will NOT count as a one line pitch. ;)
  • Anyone can enter as long as your novel falls under the genres our MA is looking for. If this particular MA doesn't rep your genre, no worries - we hold these contests often and try to find agents with diverse tastes so there will be a contest in the future for your particular genre
The contest will go live at 10 am ET/9 CT / 8 MT/ 7 PT on AUGUST 1st

Please don't enter the August Mystery Agent contest via this post. Our M.A contests can be entered via a post that goes live the day of the contest (1st of each month). Thank you.


  1. Alright! Looking forward to the contest. Thanks for another wonderful opportunity!

  2. So excited for this! Looking forward to entering and polishing my pitch right now!


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