Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Writing a Synopsis and Cleaning Toilets

So, in case you haven't heard yet, I have a book coming out next year (whoo hoo!) But with the good, comes the stressful. Soon, I have to write a synopsis for book 2.

If you're like me, you hate synopsis writing more than sticking splinters under your fingernails. Or probably a better comparison, cleaning 100 toilets. It's dirty, and nasty, but its a job that has to be done.

And, just like cleaning toilets, having the right tools can help you write a synopsis. It's not like we would clean all those stinky toilets with our bare hands. Right? So there are tools that can help you with the job of synopsis writing. For toilets, you have gloves, toilet brushes, cleaner.......ahem......well, you get the idea.

So, I'm asking you all: What is your favorite resource for synopsis writing?

And while your at it, what is your favorite toilet cleaning product. :o) Personally I like Green Works cleaner, because it feels lets toxic and vaporous than other cleansers.


  1. I rather stick my head directly into that toilet--blue water and all---then write a synopsis....

    Angela Townsend
    Author of Amarok coming November 2012

  2. Janice Hardy's blog - The Other Side of the Story

  3. I also agree with Rena....Janice's blog is a great resource.

  4. Lysol--I swear by it!
    And I also add my vote for Janice Hardy's Other Side of the Story.
    Another great resource: Post-it notes to help storyboard the story. When I know what scenes I want to write, that makes writing the synopsis easier.

  5. I basically read through the entire MS with a notebook in hand, and write down every important plot turn. Then I turn those notes into something readable, and snip out everything that isn't absolutely essential. I've found it's the least painful way for me to deal with the dreaded synopsis.

  6. Thanks Laura, that sounds like what I was about to do. I want to enter my first chapters into a contest that requires a synopsis; it says the synopsis won't be judged but I kind of don't buy it.

    I think I bookmarked a post about synopsis writing on Janice Hardy's site.

  7. I use this:

    Along with the caveat:
    "The secret of how to write a synopsis is to incorporate the emotional twists and turns of your characters – especially your main character – at the same time as you describe your sequence of plot events."

    I shall have to check out this Jane Hardy method, too.

  8. I am finding Scrivener useful for this, because it allows you to write a short summary to go with each chapter or even each scene, and then you can get a view that just shows that summaries and compiles them into an outline. And I agree that writing a synopsis is worse than cleaning toilets. I think I even hate it more than writing query letters!

  9. Clever comparison! You're right - they are AWFUL! When you find a good site, let us know! (Especially if you find something magical - like a site that writes a synopsis for you)


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