Saturday, October 27, 2012


Today, I would like to brag about my awesome literary agent, Jill Corcoran. Not only is she one of the best agents in the business--she is also a gifted editor. Jill recently created an amazing poetry book entitled, Dare to Dream... Change the World. This beautiful book pairs biographical and inspirational poems featuring special people who invented something, stood for something, and changed the lives of others all over the world.

What makes this book extra special is that the poets were chosen not only for their talent, but because they have inspired young people throughout their careers with both actions and words.

 According to the jacket flap, Dare to Dream...Change the World came to Jill durning a long car ride while she listened to NPR cover the uprising of the Egyptian people against their oppressive government. Jill had been to Egypt before and was familiar with the people's struggles. Jill was overcome by the courage of the Egyptian people and amazed by the role of scoial networking to bring their dreams and actions instantly to the rest of the world. To her, the tweets were like poetry, capturing the essence of the people's hopes, fears, strength and determination.

I savored each and every poem included in this spectacular collection. I also loved the feel of the smooth pages and the beautiful illustrations by J. Beth Jepson.

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