Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fairy tale Adaptions: Beauty and the Beast

The last few years, I've seen several books written that were inspired from fairy tales. Books such as CinderBeastlyCloaked, and Entwined (which my 14-year-old loved).

Also, my own publisher is releasing a anthology of fairy tale adaptations. Two and Twenty Dark Tales is coming your way soon! For more about THIS title, visit it's blog tour starting next week! Go HERE to find out more.

Now, for the original reason this post was inspired. I don't watch TV much, but I did see today that they are remaking the show Beauty and the Beast. I'm old enough to have enjoyed the series way back in the 80's, and was excited to hear that they are doing it again. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales. There is something, to me, about how it focuses on the beauty within a person, rather than outside appearance. I also enjoyed the recent adaption of Beastly when it came to the big screen. So I looked up the new series, and I found a picture. 

It wasn't this: 

or This:

or This even (which was a different interpretation from the book version):

But I found this:

Soooo... It's a hot looking guy with a scar and contacts. How Beast-like is that? I guess I need to watch the show to get a better opinion of it. But initially, I am disappointed. My "beauty within" love of the beast just got blasted out of the water. The Beastly movie version was close to being too nice-looking for me, but he did have enough scars and strange stuff on him, that I did like it in the end. This new one....not so sure. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

So are you looking forward to Beauty an the Beast on CW? And also, what other fairy tale adaptions do you love?


  1. My impression (and I can't remember where I heard it) was that this was not actually an update of that 80s TV show, but an entirely new creation. I've seen a commercial or two for it, and I was thinking the guy was supposed to be some kind of werewolf, maybe, but it sure doesn't look like he transforms physically. Maybe he just goes nutty and kicks butt in a superhuman/natural way?

    1. Yeah, maybe. Just found the preview, and it looks like you are right. Also looks like she knew him before his transformation. Which also doesn't help my "looking past looks and into the heart" bits I like about Beauty and the Beast. However, I'll still try it out. Looks good, just not my traditional fairy tale.

  2. I agree! Beauty and the Beast is all about loving someone despite their physical appearance. The CW Beast's scar and contacts just make him seem dangerous. In a hot way.

    Nothing about Disney's BATB is hot.

  3. Yeah, I LOVED the 80's series. This one I'm not so sure about...

  4. I agree, he does look more hot beastly than beastly...it seems more like a Jekyll and Hyde retelling this way.

    I LOVED Entwined, and I just got done listening to Kill Me Softly, a book with multiple Faiytales in it like Cloaked.

  5. He only gets beastly looking when he gets angry, the rest of the time he's Hot Guy. So it's a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde/ Werewolf/Incredible Hulk type thing. It's actually being created, I believe, by the guy who did the original one - which should tell you something if you ever saw how that one ended. I was super excited until I found out more about it and the more I find out the less excited I am.

  6. As for fairy tale retellings, I loved GOOSE GIRL, ENTWINED, and BEASTLY. I didn't know that CW planned a Beauty and the Beast series. I liked the 80s show. I probably won't watch the new show.

  7. Disney's Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies ever.
    I agree that the new 'beast' is pretty lame looking. Besides, don't chicks dig scars? ;)
    I loved Breadcrumbs, too, which is a MG retelling of The Snow Queen. It's very well written.

    1. Exactly! A scar down the side of your face is not beastly. Makes a guy look tough, which is the "bad boy" attraction thing. Haven't heard of Breadcrumbs. Will have to check it out.


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