Friday, January 24, 2014

Checking in: New Year's Resolutions?

TGIF, everyone! Is it really almost the end of January? I hope your 2014 so far hasn't been as breathless as mine!

My post today will be a short one: the complete draft of my WIP must be on my agent's hard drive by mid-February, and these last three chapters aren't going to write themselves! Though this is a self-set deadline, I am sticking to it as best I can. This project has been ongoing since the spring of 2012, and my main New Year's Resolution is to get it in fighting shape by May.

In publishing, after all, so much is out of our control, and it can be hard to set concrete goals. Though it's difficult to stop thinking about getting an agent, or getting a book deal, or selling x many copies by the end of the year, it's usually best to focus on the things that are within your power: finishing a chapter, nailing that revision, creating a kickass marketing plan. At least, it's certainly always helped me!

So this post is to check in with all of you. Where are you so far with your 2014 writing? And where do you hope to go?

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  1. On the writing front, I've sent out a short story for sub, I'm rewriting one novel while working on another, I'm also writing another short story involving ghosts.


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