Friday, September 26, 2014

October MA Lottery Winners!!

Here are the names of all the qualifying lotto winners, listed in no particular order. Please Note: If you submitted a "Writing As" name, that is the name listed here.

Terry Hunt
Tanya Sarlanis
Ty Linn
Sherri Ogden
Heather Raglin
Julie Artz
G.L. Cronin
Carol Foote
Anne Marie Worthington
TL Sumner
Elizabeth Penney
Colleen Bennett
Carissa Taylor
Laurie Dennison
Patti Richards
Leandra Wallace
Katherine Manning
S.L. Bynum
Kathleen Allen
E.K. Muyskens
G.K. Bryne
J. Redman
Debra Daugherty
Denise Drespling
J.C. Davis
Megan Cooley Peterson
Meradeth Houston Snow
Molly Shaffer
Missy Shelton Belote
Dawn Allen
Natasha Hanova
Laurie E.B. Lucking
Peggy Rothschild
Laurie Hager Litwin
JEN Garrett

Please email your 140 character Twitter pitch and the first 250 words of your manuscript to us at operationawesome6 (at) gmail (dot) com. Use the subject heading October MA Entry.

Be sure to check back October 1st for the critique forum. All entries from winners who opted to participate will be posted for cheerleading and feedback.

Congrats to all our entrants!! And be sure to check back for info on our November MA contest. 


  1. Radness! I just sent my entry. Good luck all of my fellow scribblers of ideas.


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