Saturday, September 13, 2014


Writing screenplays that sell is a lot like writing novels.  You must really love your story and feel compelled to share it. This drive will carry you through the process.  Ask yourself--What do I really love to write about? For me it was lighthouses.  I love how lighthouses are a symbol of hope, of light and shelter. A few years ago I wrote a novel about a lighthouse entitled, Fears of a Fisherman. This month I found out that my lighthouse novel, will be made into a film in 2015. I really believe it was my love of  lighthouses that made this dream possible.  
In addition to being passionate about your subject matter, you must also really know your characters. Make sure you have conflict and have your hero make solid choices. 
It is so important to show growth in your characters as well.  Have your antagonist attack and or damage your characters in the most personal of ways--this will make your audience become emotionally invested in your hero. 
Think outside the box. Be a rebel. Write about what moves you. What you love!  
Happy writing everyone!
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Check out my new Cover for my novel River of Bones.
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  1. Congratulations, Angela! I'm so happy to hear Fear of a Fisherman will be on the screen.

  2. WOW, congratulations, Angela! THIS IS AWESOME news! :)

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