Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2015 Mystery Agent Critique Forum - OPEN NOW!

Welcome back to the Mystery Agent critique portion of our contest! Those who wished to be included in the open forum are ready for your critiques.

Our rules are simple:
  • Be helpful.
  • Be relevant.
  • Be kind.
Thank you to all of you and to all our amazing entrants! Happy critting!

You can visit the entries in the tab under the OA blog banner: MA Critiques.

Just a little more info about the forum:
  • You DO NOT have to register to comment.
  • To comment on a pitch, just click Reply on the main post in the thread. It will bring up a comment box where you can enter your name and comment.
  •  To return to the full list, click March 2015 Mystery Agent in the top left corner of the forum.
Any questions? Leave in the comments below this post.


  1. You announced a Christopher with no last name as one of the winners for the next round. Dare I hope? Was it Christopher (at) AShortSeries (dot) com? That's me. I mentioned I entered the wrong email address into the raffle device.

  2. I'll have Aimee check, but the Rafflecopter matches up the entries for us, so it was likely a different Christopher. We'll get back to you, though.


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