Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Mystery Agent Lottery Winners!

The results are in and here are our randomly selected winners of the March Mystery Agent Contest Lottery!

Congratulations to . . .

Mindy Gray Schmidt

Aniko Rajci

Lyndsay Ely


Debra Daugherty

Ilana Ostrar

Tina Spear

Tamara Girardi

Heather Murphy Capps

Diana Pinguicha

Laurisa White Reyes

John Berkowitz

Krista Wayment

Keely Parrack

Laura Rueckert

Kelly DeVos

Terri Paquin

Elena Tabachnick

Jeri Baird

Sue Berk Koch


Megan Reyes


Carissa Taylor

Tonja Tomblin

You all made it to the next round of the contest!

Be sure to check back tomorrow March 4 for the critique forum. All entries from winners who opted to participate will be posted for cheerleading and feedback.


  1. EEK!! I'm so stoked to get to be a part of this! Thank you so much for organizing this! :)

  2. Thanks so much for this. I am so thrilled :)

  3. Do you have a last name for the winning Christopher? I am daring to hope.

  4. Just curious: when does the mystery agent take a look at the entries?
    Thank you so much for organizing all of this!

  5. Yay! how am I only seeing this now? I'm so thrilled! Thank you so much!

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