Friday, September 4, 2015

Introducing Samantha

Hello, fabulous fellow writer- and reader-folk! Around these parts, I'm known as S. L. Saboviec, although you can call me Samantha. I’m a member of the current freshman class here at Operation Awesome, and I’m thrilled to join this great bunch.

Shall we jump right into me? Because, after all, this post is about me. Who doesn’t like talking about me? I definitely do.

In a sorta particular order, but not precisely so, here are ten things about me:
  1. I love villains. They’re fascinating. I can list more favorite antagonists than I can favorite protagonists, ohyesreally: Hannibal Lector, Agent Smith, Frank Underwood (fine, he’s a protagonist, but he’s villainous), Keyser Soze, Tyler Durden… Who am I missing?

  2. I wrote my first book when I was twelve years old. It’s about a girl who discovers a journal in a shack in the woods. This journal chronicles the sad, lonely life of a man whose wife died at a young age. When my protagonist reaches the end–hold onto your hats for this plot twist–she realizes he’s still writing in it and that he’s the creepy, old hermit everyone is afraid of. But now that she knows, she understands that he’s just sad and lonely! No one has to be afraid of him anymore!

    I wanted this to be made into a Disney movie, but sadly, no one from Disney has broken into my file archives and stolen it to pitch to their producers.

  3. I love fall. And pumpkin spice everything. And nippy weather, warm jackets, and fireplaces after being outside.

  4. My house doesn’t have a fireplace. L

  5. I was recently curious about my strengths as a critique partner, and after asking a CP what I'm good at within the critique process, I received this as a response:

    I've decided this is a compliment. I'm good at the pointed comments. Yes, sir, I pull no punches. Want me as a CP? I will, apparently, make you cry.

  6. I’m a perfectionist. I love grammar. My latest mission is to ensure everyone understands the difference between “compliment”and “complement.” Please use it properly, I beg of you. The misused "i" version wants a break.

  7. I self-published my first novel, Guarding Angel, in May 2014, and I’m releasing the sequel, Reaping Angel, in February 2016. The journey has been fraught with many lessons and sharpenings of my writerly tools. Although I don't consider myself an expert, I’m happy to field self-publishing questions. Hopefully I will have an answer. If not, I’ll make something up. Just kidding. Probably. I did mention I write fiction, yes? I like making things up.

  8. I’m on the third revision of my fifth novel. (OK, fine, fourth, since you insist upon not counting the childhood one.) I plan to start querying agents in 2016 after another revision or two. I’m going the hybrid route: my self-published novels are paranormal (eek, I know), and my latest is science fiction with more mass appeal. Also, it has a villain protagonist. Yes, I see your look of complete and utter not-surprise.

  9. My one-year-old daughter, Morrigan, is pretty much the cutest thing ever:

    You think this is cute? You can't see the little curls she's growing on the back of her head, which would, if I shared them, cause the entire internet to break.

  10. Starting two weeks from today, I will be hosting a twice-monthly flash fiction contest. The prizes, at the moment, are increased command of your writing ability as a result of creating an inspired flash piece and a nifty badge proclaiming you won.

    Come back on the morning of Friday, September 18th, for your first writing prompt. You’ll have until Saturday at midnight Eastern to post your story in the comments. I will choose and post a winner by Sunday night.

    Note: This contest is just for funsies. My judgments will be based on personal taste and should not be construed as a statement on your talent at the writing craft.

    Also, I might invite guest judges and/or introduce more exciting prizes in the future if you guys decide you like the contest.

    So show up, is what I’m saying.

    And don’t take it personally because funsies.
Thanks for reading. I’ll see you again in a couple weeks!

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Leandra Wallace said...

Nice to meet you! I signed up for your newsletter, I'd be happy to help w/your cover reveal.

Unknown said...

Awesome, thanks for your help! I'm waiting to hear back from my cover designers before I finalize the date. Hopefully that will be soon.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Welcome, Samantha--glad to have you aboard!

Unknown said...

Thanks :D