Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Museday

Do you use the term "ear worm" to describe a song that just gets into your head and won't leave?
My husband plays this game with me: He'll hum a song and time how long it takes for me to start humming it after he's stopped. I get ear wormed fairly easily.
My current ear worm is your writing prompt for today. My kids are obsessed with Big Hero 6, and the Fall Out Boy song that plays while the heroes are practicing with their new suits. My three-year-old calls it the "Baymax song" and demands that we listen to it every time we get in the car. It's got some cool lyrics; hopefully some part of this song will inspire your writing. Or the concept of an ear worm will. Whatever it is, if you are feeling stuck today, check out Immortals, by Fall Out Boy by clicking here. You can listen to the song on the band's official Vevo channel, while watching the most boring video imaginable.

If you are working on a query and you'd like fresh eyes on it, let me know in the comments! I'll pick someone for a query critique.


Karen Baldwin said...

Recently I've rediscovered Stephen Bishop's song, On and On...and have it won't get out of my head. Thanks for the inside. I have been ear-wormed

Anonymous Girl said...

Ooohhh pick me! ....YA dragon fantasy. It was my birthday Monday. I love belated birthday gifts 😉
...sorry if this posts like 3x, I seriously need to do this on my laptop. Lol.

Kara Reynolds said...

Okay Anony Girl, you win! Send it in an e-mail (not as an attachment) to operationawesome6 at gmail dot com with Tuesday Query Critique in the subject line.