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A is for A to Z Challenge Co-host: An Interview with OA Blogger J Lenni Dorner #AtoZChallenge

Operation Awesome's #AtoZChallenge theme for 2018 is... 
OA to Z! We'll be correlating our usual posts with the challenge letters, plus, each weekend, you'll get a chance to get to know one of our bloggers better.

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Thanks for interviewing me, Jaime!

Hello, readers. I'm speculative fiction and reference author, J Lenni Dorner. Here at Operation Awesome, I'm the Debut Author Interviewer. I'm also a co-host and the team captain over at the Blogging from A to Z Challenge - which is how I tie myself to the letter A.

1- What's your passion in life?

Writing is my biggest passion in life. That's how I connect with the world. I'm also passionate about the environment, especially the forests. As a Native American, I was raised to have love and respect for nature, to be at one with it. That's harder, but not impossible, in today's modern world. (It is also how I got the nickname, "Daryl Dixon.") The Lenni-Lenape tribe I grew up with taught me about gender equality, which is why the #HeForShe movement is another passion of mine. (Where people of every gender identity and expression acknowledge the ways that we all benefit from equality.) I also support We Need Diverse Books.

2- Would you share a picture with us of your latest book?

There's my book, Fractions of Existence, outside in a tree. In honor of the A to Z Challenge, the Kindle version is on sale right now for a limited time. (Amazon link)

3- What are three of your short-term goals?

  • Leave comments on 300 of the blogs taking part in the A to Z Challenge 2018.
  • Vote in every round over at WRiTECLUB. #WRiTECLUBDFW 
  • Find more Debut Authors to interview.

4- What tip can you share to improve someone's writing craft?

Did you know that you can often cut that from a sentence without changing the meaning of that sentence?
You can cut a sentence without changing the meaning.

Other words to seek out are begin and began (meaning start). Watch the progression in this example:

  • I begin to eat an apple.  
  • I eat an apple. 
  • I bite through the vibrant green flesh of a Granny Smith apple. The tart juice sprays over my lips and into my nose. I can't even eat a piece of fruit without needing a napkin! Joel was right, I am hopeless as a human being.
  • I began to eat an apple.
  • As I lifted the Honeycrisp apple to my lips, Godzilla busted through my kitchen wall, knocking the apple to the floor.

When we talk about editing word by word and line by line, this is what we mean. The Grammarly extension is fantastic for finding errors, but the job of strengthening sentences with valuable descriptions still belongs to the writer. Beginning or starting to do an action offers nothing to the reader. As the Nike slogan says, "Just Do It." Or, if your character is beginning an action that isn't going to be completed, quickly segway into why.

5- What is one question or discussion topic which you would like the readers of this interview to answer or remark on in the comments?

Stephen Hawking's final paper is on the theory of the multiverse. (A theory which suggests different versions of our universe existing in parallel with each other, yet each one different in some way. A version of Earth without environmental trouble, for example.)

Do you believe it's possible that parallel universes, the multiverse (or Omniverse), exists? And why or why not?

( 😉 By the way: According to the theory, there's a multiverse version of you with an opposing point of view. 😄 )

J Lenni Dorner @JLenniDorner

While embracing the ancient tribal traditions, J Lenni Dorner learned a legend originated by The Grandfathers. (The Existence book series is based on it.) In May 2016, J became a member of the Operation Awesome Team, running the Debut Author Spotlight on Wednesdays. Blogging from A to Z #AtoZchallenge co-host as of 2017. J weaves fantasy with lore to unhinge your mind. This speculative fiction and reference author is happily married and living in Pennsylvania (USA) on the original lands of the Lenni-Lenape people. When not reading or writing, J enjoys video games, funny cat videos, finding drawings of dragons on Pinterest, and watching movies.

Twitter: @JLenniDorner


Dena Pawling said...

Very nice to meet you! Good luck with your goals.


J Lenni Dorner said...

Thank you very much.

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

Great to learn more about you, J. Of course there's a multiverse! I'm sure in one of them I'm supreme ruler... of all rottweilers :-)

The Cynical Sailor said...

It was fun to learn more about J. Love the idea of a multiverse out there where another version of me can eat endless supplies of cookies without ever gaining an ounce. :-)

Cheers - Ellen |

Anonymous said...

I am visiting your blog for the first time after finding you on the #Challenge participation list. As I write this the letter B day is almost over. This is what I love about April....finding new blogs and when they are about writing, they are my first choice as themes to look into. I am a fellow writer and addicted reader as I assume you are too. O invite you to catch up with me tomorrow on Charing Cross Road in London where I continue my BOOKSTORE theme for this year. I hope we can meet there. I'll be