Friday, April 13, 2018

L is for Line: #QueryFriday & #AtoZChallenge

Friday is here again, and that means you have the opportunity to win a query critique! But we'll be shaking it up today: To correlate with L for the A to Z challenge, leave a LINE from the manuscript you are querying in your comment (don't forget to also comment on another post from this week, in order to be qualified to win). The winner will be picked via random number generator, and you have until noon EST on 04/15 to enter. Winner will be announced later that evening in the comments section.

Also, please note, that if you do not leave your email address in your comment, do not have it listed on your Blogger profile (or somewhere that I can find it easily on your own blog), I will then pick someone else as the winner. The rest of the rules can be found here.

Looking forward to reading your lines! 


Dee Keymel said...

#queryfriday. L for Line. "I'm not so little now, Spike." email address

Katherine T. said...

Thanks for the opportunity! "My first thought upon meeting Ysabel was that she was too short to be a Holy Maiden."

Leandra Wallace said...

#2 is the winner, so expect an email from OA tomorrow, Katherine!