Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What is Genre?

While it may seem simple to discuss the definition of genre and provide examples at this point, I am finding in my research on genres for Q: What Are You Reading? series that even I need a refresher on the basics. Particularly since I have not read many books in several of the categories you will learn about in the coming months on Tuesdays.

Genre is the organization and classification of writing according to The Writer's Dictionary. Here are some videos that explain genre more in depth, available here and here.

I was introduced to Story Grid recently, which is a system for planning and analyzing novels. The scenes that are expected in each genre are a key point in using Story Grid successfully. Check out information about the Five Leaf Genre Clover here, with information about Content, Time, Structure, Reality, and Style.

There are differences between fantasy for young adults and fantasy for adults. There is also a category for middle grade. Overall, genre is a way to organize writing into categories that make it easier to find what you want to read. I'm excited to share some reading suggestions in a variety of genres. Join me on Tuesdays for reading lists and suggestions.

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