Monday, August 1, 2011

August Mystery Agent Contest!!

The contest is now CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who entered!!



You know the drill, folks. A brand new Mystery Agent is ready to read your pitch!

Le rules:

1) One-line pitches ONLY. They must be left in the comments section of today's post.

2) You must have a completed manuscript and be ready to send it upon request. 

3) You can only pitch once per contest. So if you participated in any of our previous M.A. contests, no worries--you can submit your pitch today, too. 

4) Please include TITLE and GENRE along with your pitch.

And here's a list of genres our awesome Mystery Agent is looking for:

Young Adult fiction
    Horror (particularly ghost stories)
    Noir mystery 
    Southern Gothic
Middle Grade fiction
    Light scifi/fantasy
    Contemporary with a hook
Women's fiction (commercial)
    Urban Fantasy
    Romantic suspense
    Romance (including paranormal romance)
Pop culture non-fiction

Our Mystery Agent also likes time-travel stories and the intricacies of the space-time continuum, love, forensics, mythology, covert operations, medicine, engineering, nanotechnology, mysterious disappearances, weird science, awesome sidekicks, sexual tension, and all sorts of bits and bobs. :)

The contest will close once we hit 50 pitches. 

And as for the prize? The winner will get a full manuscript request! How's that for awesome??

Best of luck to everyone!! 


Ann Braden said...

Genre: YA Thriller

Sally always follows the rules, but when her Russian host father is kidnapped by the government and music begins to evoke visions of Russia’s past (complete with clues to help rescue him), she decides even a rule-abiding girl has got to sometimes make exceptions.

Thanks for the contest!

Louisa said...

Name: Louisa Clarkson
Title: The Silver Strand
Genre: MG Fantasy Adventure
Word-count: 55,000
Pitch: In a land where dragons test one's courage, toad warts warn of danger, and tensions brew between the clans of inner earth and Terra, it is up to twelve year old Isabelle to save the day - there's only one problem – she and her magical, silver strand are fading and she has five days to save them all.

Thanks operation awesome and secret agent. Dammi una possibilità Mi piacerebbe lavorare con voi

Anonymous said...

Title: Cloaked In Fur
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Daciana’s dream of becoming a human is threatened when her alpha unleashes a dracwulf into the Carpathian Mountains, and it’s up to her to stop the bloodshed, challenge the alpha and lead astray her inspector boyfriend before humans uncover the pack - all before her transformation ceremony in a few days.

Love the contest!

Huntress said...

Title: The Magic Withheld
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 96 K

After Justus hires a female wizard as a bar maid, she ends his peaceful existence and Magic – not only the whizz-bang kind – steps in.

Anonymous said...

Title: Riding on the Tail of the Devil
Genre: Ya Urban Fantasy

Fifteen-year-old Mathias Drvar, homeless-teen-turned-vampire, must fight for his right to stay alive when the reigning queen demands a duel because she considers him a threat to her rule.

Christina said...

Awesome, thank you!

Genre: YA Mystery/Ghost Story

The police ruled the death of Melody's best friend a suicide; Her best friend *strongly* disagrees.

Hermana Tiffany Garner said...

Genre: YA Epic Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old White Witch, Kenna, must convince a King waging war against Magic that her powers are not from the Devil, and hopefully avoid falling in love with him in the process.

Unknown said...

TITLE: Blackbird
GENRE: YA Fantasy Thriller

Spy chick bypasses a top-of-the line security system to steal an object before the sorcerers do in this "Mission:Impossible w/ magic" tale

Mim said...

Title: Dreaming Isis
Genre YA Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Isis discoverers she’s the dreamer--someone with the power to control people through their dreams--but as she learns to harness her power she must choose between two warring magical societies, and between saving her cousin or following the boy who understands it all.

Kim said...

Genre: YA light science fiction

A seventeen-year-old girl experiences bizarre alternate realities when her cruise ship glides into the mysterious Bermuda Triangle--some much worse than others.

Stina said...

I can't wait to see who the agent is. While I'm not ready to query yet, my current WIP and my next one sound like they'll be right up the agent's alley. :D

Good luck everyone!

Liz P. Garcia said...

Title: Guapo
Genre: Light Scifi/Fantasy MG

A super-intelligent lab rat escapes to find his literary rat heroes (Ralph S. Mouse, Nicodemus, Miss Bianca, etc.) and in the process of discovering that they are fake finds that he is real.

amber said...

Title: Manas
Genre: YA thriller/noir mystery

Zellie, a prodigy spy with pink hair and a penchant for knitting, must uncover the genetic mystery surrounding her mysterious past while keeping her hacker boyfriend safe and tracking a rogue agent hell-bent on a mission to recreate the dangerous 'Project Manas.'

Lori M. Lee said...

Title: Soul Without a Boy
Genre: YA urban fantasy

When 17-year-old London Howell inadvertently "creates" a girl, drawing the attention of the city's ruling magus family, he must decide if the answers to newly raised questions about himself and his family are worth the price of the girl's soul.

Prem Rao said...

Title: Lucky For Some, Thirteen Genre: Thriller

A terrorist plot based on the premise that the best of technology solutions in security systems crumble in the face of greed, the worst of human emotions is thwarted by another human trait-patriotism.

Jamie McHenry said...

Title: On Fallen Wings
Genre: YA Fantasy

When Rhiannon's boyfriend is kidnapped, her quest to save him forces her to choose between the Faerie life she loves and losing him forever.

Alexandra said...

Genre: YA Sci-Fi

On twin sky planets in the far future, young pilots known as Dogs of War are bred in facilities called Kennels to fight in high-speed aerial combat each time their planets swing into close orbit.

Janice Sperry said...

Title: So You Don't Want to be an Evil Sorceress
Genre: YA Fantasy

When Mysty Perilous accidently turns the guy of her daydreams into a frog, she has to find someone else to kiss away his amphibious problem because happily ever after is not for evil sorceresses.

Marquita Hockaday said...

Title: The Blues
Genre: Contemporary YA

Blake uncovers a secret high school drug scene when his pill pushing best friend turns up dead.

Donea Lee said...

Title: The Glass Prince
Genre: YA Fantasy

When good old granny has her touch the glass prince, Clara discovers three things: she’s cursed, an immortal Prince Charming Jr. is obsessed with her, and time-travel really is possible (sort of).

Jenn said...

Thanks again you guys!

Genre: YA contemporary romance

16-year-old con artist, Megan Benson lands a place living in the wealthy Keller mansion only to realize too late this is the one family she doesn't want to pull a heist on.

Tom M Franklin said...

Humorous MG Steampunk

An eccentric professor and his lab assistant must recapture their escaped brass and gearwork pteranodon before Queen Victoria sentences them to a very long stay in a very dank prison.

Tracy N. Jorgensen said...

GENRE: YA Fantasy

A time-traveler ruins a classic love story when she saves the hero from an assassination attempt and he falls for her instead.

Marcie Flinchum Atkins said...

Title: Among the Shattered Pieces
Genre: Contemporary YA

Isla and her mother move to Bangkok, Thailand after the death of her father in an effort to escape their grief, and she realizes the power of poetry and friends can help her heal even in the aftermath of a tsunami.

Kalen O'Donnell said...

Thanks for the opportunity!

TITLE: Dust to Dust
GENRE: YA Fantasy

Micah Braddock is the youngest kid in a family gifted with magic and cursed to be the instruments of each others' deaths - but why worry about his older siblings hunting him down when it seems his own magic is determined to kill him first?

Norma said...

Title: VEX
Genre: YA Science Fantasy
Name: Norma Johnson

Created to rebuild damaged and missing pathways in people with brain injuries, the virtual environment VEX carries heavy consequences for perfectly healthy sixteen-year-old Tana when she becomes addicted to it and discovers an entity living there is preparing to download itself into her weakening body and take over her life.

Desiree Middleton said...
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Janet Johnson said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity! You guys are awesome. :)

Title: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Friendship
Genre: MG Contemporary

When selling her appendix on e-bay doesn't pan out, ten-year-old Annie Jenkins plots other ways to save her best friend's house from foreclosure.

Desiree Middleton said...

You shouldn't take things from dead people is the warning Seleste should have heeded when a dying stranger hands her a key to another world and calls her by name. Title:The Blue Key. Genre: YA fantasy.

Michelle Mason said...

Title: Escape from the Underground City
Genre: MG adventure with light fantasy

When twelve-year-old Ethan Williams discovers a map to the surface through the forbidden Deep Caves, he convinces his older sister and their best friend to help him escape and rescue everyone else, never suspecting he could be leading them into a trap much worse than the Underground City.

Mary said...

Title: At the Edge of Elsewhere

Genre: Young Adult – Contemporary Mystery

Six teens ban together in haunted New England town and, with the help of several sentient buildings, save two friends.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Title: Elena's Pen
Genre: MG Fantasy

Eleven-year-old wannabe novelist Elena loves that whatever she writes with her magical pen comes true until she discovers that each time she writes with it, someone turns into a demon.

Unknown said...

Title: Shadow Embraced
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

To control the creature threatening to possess her, 16-year-old Scar joins an underground fight club of witches, werewolves and vampires.

Angie Lockett said...

Title: Scarlet
Genre: YA Historical/Action

When his younger sister faces the hangman's noose for a crime that he committed, the newly dubbed Will Scarlet must ask for help from the one man he's grown up hating - their uncle, Robin Hood.

Julie True Kinsley said...

Title: The Curse of Elizabeth Brewster
Genre: YA Gothic Thriller

Banished to Pemberton Academy in Western Massachusetts, Eli quickly finds herself embroiled in a four hundred year old love triangle that leads her to lost secrets about America's earliest beginnings, turns out those Puritans were not so pure-can she survive it?

Anonymous said...

Author: Terry Deighton
Title: Tweaks, The Beginning

Genre: MG Light Sci-fi

Pitch: A sixth-grade mind reader and his friends must unite with the school bully to evade a greedy geneticist who seeks to use them as military test subjects.

Rebecca T. Little said...

Genre: Paranormal romance

Set in the preternaturally secretive Southern town of Sarum, BLOOD THIEF, a paranormal romance, is a first-person narration by Celeste St. Ange, a 314-year-old vampire who finds herself in a life or second-death race against the clock to recover her bloodline’s stolen reliquary with the help of a handsome human thief.

David Webb said...

Title: The Baron Planes
Genre: Paranormal Romance

When a chance encounter reveals the ability to physically contact the dark and mysterious spiritual realm, Chris unintentionally uncovers a long hidden family secret as he opens his past, present and future to a world that he cannot control or comprehend.

Jessi Webb said...

Title: Memoirs of Araboth
Genre: High-End Fantasy

Daniel has been fighting the Fallen Angels throughout his life, but when his brother tests the boundaries of good versus evil, he has to choose between family and what appears to be fate.

Shanika L. Bynum said...
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Shanika L. Bynum said...

Title: Superteens in Training
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Five sixteen-year-old girls of various races develop a bonding friendship while dealing with the stress of becoming secret teenage superheroes.

Cameron Kelly Rosenblum said...

Title: SPARK
Genre: MG Fantasy

Eleven-year-old Toby Will, known around school as Toby Won't, is the only human alive who can save Espiritu, a world hidden behind paintings where famous characters from art live and breathe-- and get kidnapped.

Unknown said...

Genre: Urban fantasy

Eighteen-year-old Julia, precariously meets and falls for a Persian god whose brother, unfortunately, requires her specific blood for a ritual that will enslave mortals to an evil held captive by the gods for millions of years.

Anonymous said...

Title: Red Phoenix
Genre: YA urban fantasy/romance

Julia finds herself falling for Graham, whose reason for leaving Charleston is shrouded in mystery, until, as they become closer, Julia catches glimpses of his past-where he mixed with secret societies, and magic which he didn't understand-that has followed him to his new home and threatens to hurt the ones he loves.

Michelle H. said...

Title: A Perfect Thorn
Genre: Woman's mystery

Twenty-one-year-old Jena must discover why people are disappearing in her old neighborhood while uncovering the terrible secret of the dangerous creature lurking in her grandmother's mind.

erica and christy said...

Title: A New Day
Genre: YA contemporary

Seventeen-year-old Kenz Grayson never thought she'd spend her summer in a new town, let alone dodging a group of nasty girls, nursing her mom back to health after an accident, or learning to love, lose, and love (again) exactly the right guy for her, until she does it all.

Erica Olson

Tina DC Hayes said...

Title: Nefarious
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Pitch: When a rock star pulls Harlie on stage, the ensuing romance frees her from an abusive past . . . until a pissed off stalker sets out to destroy them both.

Tina DC Hayes

Tara Tyler said...

In 2080, reluctant detective JL Cooper stumbles onto evidence that pop travel, laser teleportation, has a deadly flaw and now he has to find the truth and expose those covering it up to stay alive.

Pop Travel

erica and christy said...

Title: Fixing Shelby
Genrey: YA Contemporary

Shelby’s reputation is ruined when she’s framed for posting lewd pictures of her new friends on the Web, and in order to clear her name she has to confront the snotty trio who made her miserable for the past five years of school.

Christy Hintz

Magan said...

Title: How to Date an Alien
Genre: YA Sci- Fi

A dark alien prophecy looms over Circe Operations Center, where intern Alex Bianchi learns that falling for an alien is only the beginning of her problems.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Title: The Blinded Gardener

Genre: Y/A Contemporary


With each blow of his father’s fist, Aidan wonders if he’ll survive until his eighteenth birthday, and then help comes from an unlikely source — a blind student.

Michael Di Gesu

mculi (at) aol (dot) com

Unknown said...


Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

Le Pitch:
Nalena Maxwell has received a sign to join the ancient community that is responsible for the mental evolution of the human race...except it's the wrong dang sign.

Angela Kulig said...

Title: Heroes & Vallenez
Genre: MG Urband Fantasy

Vic Vallenez is not a hero, but he’s not a Villain either; when your information is sold to the highest bidder you can only trust yourself, and when you can no longer do that you must go searching for help in the least desirable of places.

Michaele Stoughton said...

Title: Reach
Genre: YA urban fantasy

To sixteen-year-old Melinda, getting a boyfriend is at the top of her To Do List, although she never imagined that he’d come from a hidden magical society, or that she’d find herself in the middle of a civil war with a target on her back.