Monday, August 8, 2011

Revisions: The "I'm From Sweden" Approach

I believe there are two types of writers: 1) those who run away screaming from revisions, 2) and those who embrace them. Strangely enough, I belong to the latter group. But I am constantly thinking about writers who whip out their crossbows, aim, and fire! whenever someone says the R word. 

This post is for you, my friends.

And... for people who like Alexander Skarsgard... a lot... 

*cough Lindsay and Michelle cough*

So. For those of you who don't know, this is Alexander Skarsgard:

And he's on this show:

Which is currently in its fourth (super awesome) season.

The Skarsgard is out promoting the show left and right. A couple days ago, he made a stop at the Regis and Kelly show. He talked about his character, Eric Northman:

Was humiliated:

And was asked this question:

"Do you get nervous about being disrobed in front of so many people?" 

To which he replied:

"I'm from Sweden."


Kelly, who was the one to ask The Skarsgard this question, barely even finished it. She got so uncomfortable talking about nudity that she stumbled a bit. 

The Skarsgard? Not so much.

If you find revisions uncomfortable/scary/daunting/impossible, this is my advice to you: BE FROM SWEDEN.

Which means: don't let them faze you. You are awesome. You can PWN revisions any day of the week. They are not uncomfortable/scary/daunting/impossible. Attitude goes a loooong way, folks. So does confidence. Believe in yourself. Believe in your craft. 

And never give up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must finish packing for my trip to Sweden...

Tell me: do you embrace the revision process? Or would you rather avoid it like the plague?


  1. Too funny! I now have a new mantra.

    "I'm from Sweden!"

  2. OMGosh!! Best Blog Post EVER!!
    *still laughing and ogling Eric/Alex*

  3. If you accept awards w/o strings, come to my site for the original Blog On Fire award.

  4. Fine Sarah sent me over here and I'm so glad I came! Yah, I'm fruuuum Sveden...

  5. There are not enough words for how much I love this.

  6. *le happy sigh* love it :D Awesome post :D I tend to embrace revisions. I might rethink that a few weeks in lol but for the most part I enjoy revising :D

  7. I don't know what this whole post said...I just saw a pretty Swedish man.

  8. HEEEEE! Thank you for this post. I needed that. <3

  9. LOL! Hilarious! Thanks for the pep talk, Amparo and Alex.

  10. LOVE it! LOL, I couldn't care less about Sookie these days, but Eric...!!!

    I'm definitely going to remind myself this in the future: "I'm from Sweden." (Actually, I think my Scand ancestors were Norweigan, but close enough)

  11. Haha! Great post! For me, it depends on the day whether I'm from Sweden or not. But I shall try to be more like Skarsgard! :)

  12. Embrace! Embrace the revision. It can only get better. (Usually... if you're making it worse, you're probably trying too hard...)

    The Skarsgard makes every post better.

  13. I love this post, and make room in your suitcase because I'm going with you to Sweden.
    Revisions are indeed the bane of existence to some, myself included. I always feel like I'm going to make everything worse instead of better. Ick! Next time though I'll just say: "I'm from Sweden, so suck it up WIP."

    P.S. I just knew Amparo wrote this one. Guess I'm psychic.

  14. *looks at pictures* What was the post about? Oh, yes, revisions. I'll admit I do LOVE revisions. So I'm from Sweden on that one ;-)

  15. THANKS, everyone!! LOL, we are all from Sweden!! #TeamSweden

    Seriously. I'm making T-shirts.

    Huntress--Thank you SO MUCH for the award! I accept it on behalf of my cohorts here at OA! *hugs*

    Landra--What do you mean you KNEW it was me?? *giggles* You are the best psychic in the world. Nuff said.

    Michelle and Lindsay--I aim to please :)

  16. I'm one who loves Mr. Skarsgard and True Blood. And believe it or not, I'm part Swedish.
    But will have to work on things on fazing me. :) But seriously I don't mind the revision part so much.

  17. Before my current project, which is in revisions, I loved revisions/edits. Now, I hate them to death because I am having to rewrite the entire book. I gave up on for four months. I needed a break before I stopped writing all together. However, now that I am sinking back into the book (and have time), I'm falling back in love with the story and my characters. I think it's all about passion when it comes to revisions. The level of commitment I have for revisions is the level of excitement I have for my book.

  18. I hate revising -- but I know I have to do it. "Be From Sweden" is as good a motto as any!

  19. I got back and forth. I HATE it, and then I'm like, I can make this more awesome, and dive in, lol. Oh, and I <3 Eric from the 1st four books. Sigh. I haven't watched the show though.

  20. It's a good thing I thrive on revisions, because I have to make a lot of them. My great grandfather was from Sweden. I guess that explains it.


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