Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mystery Agent Tomorrow...and thoughts

So I just wanted to send a reminder out to you all.  Remember that tomorrow morning our mystery agent contest goes live!

Here is what our fabulous MA is on the lookout for:

Picture Books
Middle Grade
Young Adult

And specifically, our MA is seeking the following:

For MG and YA: currently seeking mysteries, historical, or contemporary with mystery elements

For PB: seeking manuscripts that have a voice, aka an author who is putting forward a sense of place, personality, and storytelling. Voice, voice, voice!

This contest is open to veterans and newbies alike - so long as you have a complete and query-ready manuscript on your hands within the genres of interest, our guest agent would love to hear from you.

Contest goes live 9 AM central time. The first 50 entries we receive will go on to our MA. Remember, this is a one-sentence pitch. Cheating with grammar doesn't count. Meaning that you can't have 3 sentences with commas between them. The sentence needs to work.

And, if you think that you can't tell your story with a single sentence, I'm going to leave you with this beautiful video called "Thoughts" It tells a story without a single word at all. the song has words.  But it is beautiful, none-the-less.

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  1. Question: In the categories listed for YA, are those the ONLY categories he/she is interested in at this time, or are those simply the categories he/she prefers but would be open to others?

    (don't want to harrass the agent with an unwanted pitch, but don't want to miss an opportunity if I'm reading it wrong :-)

    1. Stick with the MG, YA, or PB broader genres, but within that, enter anything polished. If it happens to fit one of our "currently seeking" wish list requirements, all the better.

  2. Can't wait for tomorrow! Should be exciting!

  3. Such a lovely video, but the ending made me sad. :(

  4. I seriously want to know where that video came from - do the animators have more work available for viewing/purchase?

    I've been an animation buff as long as I can remember, and that was amazing.

  5. Getting my one sentence pitch together was a great exercise! Looking forward to tomorrow:)

  6. That's a shame. If it had been 9 am EST I could've gotten in. I'll be at work at that time. And I'd been so looking forward to the MA!

    I really hope the MA is open to queries.

    1. We start at that time so people on the west coast don't have to wake in the middle of the night to enter. Check back in during a break or after work, maybe it will still be open.


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