Monday, February 4, 2013

Truths and A Lie with A Cautionary Tale

For my first post, I thought I'd help you all get to know me better by expanding on the truths and lies from my Mystery Blogger introduction.

Truths first:

  • On her very first time volunteering at a regional SCBWI conference, Mystery Blogger introduced Well-Respected Editor without any verbal stumbles. And then as MB exited the stage, she promptly tripped over Well-Respected Editor’s purse and nearly faceplanted. There's more to this story--after my near-pratfall, I tried to recover with a "Ta-da!" Which might have worked, except that apparently no one had noticed me trip. So instead, they were wondering why I was ta-da-ing while Well-Respected Editor was trying to talk. Memorable for all the wrong reasons!
  • The most cats that Mystery Blogger has ever had piled on her at one time is seven, distributed equally between her lap, feet, head, face, and shoulders. There were another five in the queue waiting for an opportunity. Or a fight to break out, which also clears the decks. I only have two cats (both reformed ferals and special needs) but I volunteer at a wonderful no-kill, cagefree cat sanctuary called Fat Kitty City.

There are over 100 cats, some adoptable but many permanent residents due to special needs. "Does this tie into writing at all, Angelica?" you may be asking. Yes, because last year I started up an online auction called Pens for Paws to raise money for FKC and it is chock full of critique opportunities for writers. If you're one of those, you might want to bid (starting March 12).

  • While recording a video pitch for a PitchFest, Mystery Blogger misspoke “sets a ship afire” with a bad word that rhymes with ship. And then couldn’t stop laughing for the next twenty takes. Now whenever she talks about that book, most of her brain cells are devoted to screaming, “make sure you say ship!” This works approximately none of the time.

  • Mystery Blogger once scared an agent on Twitter by trying to make a joke. Agent had tweeted something along the lines of “you don’t ever want to send me a query so bad it ends up on my Special List” and Mystery Blogger responded with “Challenge Accepted!” Agent tweeted back that the Special List was not meant to be aspired to and Mystery Blogger apologized profusely. They shared a laugh and became the best of friends. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I ended up on that list without even querying. So the moral of this cautionary tale is not to assume that agents can spot sarcasm in a 140-character tweet. Unless . . . she was being sarcastic and I've worried for nothing all this time???

On another note, in my "hello" paragraph I failed to mention exactly what kind of writing I do. I started out freelancing, with articles published on gardening, family travel, local history, natural history, pets, green living, and recipes for special diets. These days, I mostly write poetry, picture books, short stories, and young adult novels. So you can expect to see my future posts populated with any of the above subjects.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all back here in two weeks for my next post!


Becky Mahoney said...

LOL! I think we've all had one of those querying foot-in-mouth moments. I am still cringing over one of my first queries, which was a tailored, highly personalized query to Nathan Bransford. Or as I called him, "Ms. Bransford." Oy.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Awesome, Angelica! I, too, have embarrassed myself on twitter by tweeting to an agent. In the beginning, it was pretty hard to figure out agent-writer etiquette in such a new forum. Kind of like e-querying after reading an agent's blog. They're so informal, it's easy to think informal is okay for a query. And I saw many tweet-pitches go out on twitter unsolicited, too.

Agents are people, too, and all that. But it's easy to overstep the bounds of professionalism in new media, isn't it?

So excited for Pens for Paws! Thank you for your work with those animals. (I hear you also like puppies a great deal.) ;)

Toni Kerr said...

I'm really looking forward to your posts, Angelica! Pens for Paws sounds great as well. :-)

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thanks you guys! It's nice to know we've all had our "querying foot-in-mouth" moments. And now that we've totally gotten them out of the way, it's clear sailing from now on right?

Carmen said...

I just might have to move to California now so I can take up permanent residence in Fat Kitty City! ;) What an awesome place!Bless your heart for volunteering.