Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Blast From The OA Blog Past: The Doctor Who Stages of Rejection

Two of my favourite shows have returned to TV over the last few days:

1) Game of Thrones.
2) Doctor Who.

Since my brain exploded from the awesome, I popped into the Operation Awesome Tardis and found this little Doctor Who inspired post to, hopefully, bring you some Wednesday smiles.

The waiting is over. An email sits in your inbox holding a thousand promises:

You open it and read:

Was that a rejection? You read it again:

[Doctor Who Gifs]

And the sadness rains down on you:

The hurt kicks in:


But you don't quit.

Rejection is part of the process.

No. You send out the next query:

Because next time it might be something that makes you do this:

Never give up.


Amparo Ortiz said...

YAY for GoT's return!!!! *dances all over the place*

I really need to start watching Doctor Who. Like, right now. *is ashamed*

Stephanie McGee said...

The lack of Nine gifs makes me sad. But awesome set of gifs. I must rewatch the seasons now to remind myself what episodes some of these are from.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I teased my husband that I'd made a dinner reservation for Sunday at 6 (when GoT season premier aired here) and he was horrified.

Ashley Turcotte said...

This is pretty much my favorite post on the querying process ever. Oh, Doctor. I love him so.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Classic! Love it, Lindsay! I have some Doctor Who catching up to do, as well. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by the awesome.

Unknown said...

Curse you! I laughed out loud at this post and almost woke the baby. Your awesomeness continues to find new fans. Now back to my WIP.- a new fan

Anonymous said...

awesome, inspiring post

Holly Hill said...

Best blog about rejection... EVER.

LinWash said...

Perfect! Love this. And it came at the right time. I just received the fastest rejection ever: two hours. A new record.

Carolyn Charron said...

This is definitely the best rejection blog EVER! And excuse me while I go get my daily Doctor Who fix!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Luuuurve this. BRILLIANT.