Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Writing Resolutions

Happy New Year! 

There's always a lot said about resolutions. I don't tend to go in for them since I'm rubbish at keeping them. On the other hand, I think having something to aim for is always a good motivator (kind of like promising myself chocolate when I finish writing x number of words). This year I'm hoping to:

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1) Finish my WiP YA manuscript. I'm working through it already, but I've got 3 others I started working on last year that I want to get done. All 3 done would make me happy (that's the overachiever in me talking), but I'm not going to push it too far. Maybe I'll aim for 2.

2) Read. I set this goal every year. I'm not setting a book total since I read more when I don't feel pressured into it. Not sure about you, but sometimes I end up feeling like I'm just reading to hit the goal.  

3) Revise my 2014 manuscript. Enough said.

4) Get back online. It was an odd 2014. There were family/life moments that mean I've not been around the Interwebs as much. The writing community is an amazing place to be, so I'm hoping to blow the dust off my own blog/Twitter and get back to catching up on my blogs.

More resolutions? Hmmm. The rest I'll make up as I go.

What about you? Any writing resolutions?

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  1. Ha! Love the little people image.
    My mission this year is t complete, edit, and query the fantasy story I was working on during NaNoWriMo


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