Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Small vs Big Publishing Houses by Sheena Snow

Today on the blog, we have a guest post by Sheena Snow, an author whose YA SF debut is out tomorrow!

Small vs. Big Publishing Houses
by Sheena Snow

What’s the best decision for you?

Small publishing houses, most likely Amazon only reaching only houses? Or the big boys—the giant publishing houses that can get your book into every bookstore, as well as Amazon? Well, the question seems almost obvious from the start, doesn’t it? Umm… the BIG publishing houses. And that may very well be right. But it may also very well be wrong.

The big publishing houses might be your dream come to life. Maybe you are the next Veronica Roth. Her first book ever published, Divergent, hit the NY Times Best Seller list shortly after it was released, and now, she has a successful series under her belt and a movie rocking the charts. But, I believe, Veronica Roth had two very important things weighing in her favor: a superbly well written book and luck.

With the big houses authors have almost no say in: the cover art, the title, ebook only (they may never offer it in print), and if the book will be a series or serial. Once the author signs that contract--so excited to have a big house backing them--they haven’t even realized how much power they have signed away until things don’t start going the way they expected.

And this is exactly where the draw comes in for small publishing houses. With small publishing houses, authors have more of a say. They are much more about “author pleasing” than the big publishing houses. For the small publishing houses to attract authors away from the big house--since they can’t provide the marketing or the already established clientele from the big houses--they attract authors through: higher author royalty rates, control over release dates, cover art, series/serial, and more freedom with following editing comments. They are also more likely to take on a new author that needs a lot of editing work than a big house will. Small houses have the time and energy to put into a potentially blooming author.

To sum it up, what the big polishing houses don’t offer, the small publishing houses do offer, and vice versa. The choice, therefore, is entirely up to the author. What is it the author would like out of this? Do they want to start big? Have little control over their book but have a better chance at establishing a clientele and be in book stores? And then go to the small houses once they have their readers? Or the opposite? Start small, learn everything they can, and then go big knowing exactly what rights they will and will not sign over?

It’s deep food for thought and no matter what the author chooses, the end result is learning and understanding.

I am so happy with my decision to go with Soul Mate Publishing. I got exactly what I requested for the cover art for SPARKED and I needed someone to put in a lot of editing time into me. Soul Mate was more than patient and kind and everything I was looking for. They only thing they don’t provide is the marketing, bookstore copies, and already established cliental of the big houses. But every author needs to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision for their-self.

I would love for you to read SPARKED. Under the guidance of Soul Mate Publishing, my writing has thrived to create a novel that’s deep, dark and dangerously human!

Check it out! http://amzn.com/B015FW2AF0

They weren’t supposed to have feelings.

Metal will Clash

In a not-too-distance future, robots composed of metal for bones, electric cords for veins, and synthetics for skin are now available. For purchase. Eighteen-year-old Vienna Avery’s home is going to change forever, now that her mom purchased an Italian Chef Robot to cook and reside in their house.

Secrets will Unfold

The government claimed robots were indifferent, unthinking pieces of metal and elastic—assistance for the help of humans. Vienna never believed much of what the government said. The pieces didn’t always fit. And now Vienna knows why, because she’s uncovered the government’s secret: that robots have emotions, sucking Vienna into the underground world of feeling, thinking, and sovereign robots.

Sparks will Fly

Alec Cypher is everything a robot is not supposed to be: deep, dark, and dangerously human. And for some reason, he wants to save Vienna from the government’s prying, vindictive eyes. Going forward, Vienna will have to learn to trust robots and battle the growing feelings she never thought possible . . . feelings for the green-eyed, soul-searching robot named Alec.


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

This sounds like an intriguing read! I've wondered about "smart technology" and what the future might hold regarding robots. I like Sheena's take on the pros and cons of large publishers vs. small publishers.

Sheena Snow said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Sheena Snow said...

And thank you, Samantha, for having me! I greatly appreciate it!

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