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#BookReview of Black Fatigue by Mary-Frances Winters #atozchallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter W

The Operation Awesome theme for the #atozchallenge 2021 is book reviews (even though we're a blog about the publication journey, not a book review blog-- the team loves to read!). I've selected books that I have been itching to read that corresponded with the letter.




This book is an excellent choice for everyone who is pursuing antiracism and learning more about antiracism. Winters leads the reader through definitions of terms about racism, facts and misconceptions of the racism, and is a great starting point paired with Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist. Winters draws on her own life experiences and the stories of others to illustrate the systemic issues of racism. The pacing is fantastic and fits well into small sections.

I would recommend this book for everyone who wants to learn more about racism and how to be antiracist. I will caution that some of the material may be difficult, especially if this is the first time facing discussion of race. The book is an excellent choice for those who are looking to educate themselves about racism and work through bias. This is the first book I have read by Winters, and I am eager to read her additional work. I am reading diverse books as part of my journey of cultural humility. As a white woman, I am eager to continue my cultural humility journey and do the work of educating myself as I work toward how I can be more antiracist, advocate for social justice, and reduce my biases.

I finished the book. It was enlightening for me to encounter Winters's perspective and training in the field training others about diversity, equality, and inclusion. She references additional resources and books to read on the topic, and I look forward to reading her recommendations. I anticipate reading more by Winters, and I will happily follow Winters's future work. One of my key factors for reading books is if I would recommend it to others, and if I would reread the book. I would do both for Black Fatigue, with high recommendations and I would definitely read it again and use Winters as a reference and resource.

The theme is captured by the following sentences: “It is paradoxical that with all the attention over the last 50 years on social justice and diversity and inclusion, we have made little progress in actualizing the vision of an equitable society.”

Overall the book was easy to read and informative. I appreciated Winter's experiences and knowledge throughout this book. Learning about racism is part of my journey toward antiracism and dissolving my biases as much as humanly possible. I appreciate Winters's as a resource, and I look forward to using Black Fatigue as a resource and reference as I continue to learn and grow.  

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What is your favorite book discussing racism and how to be antiracist?

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