Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Plotter, Pantser, or Plantser--Suzanna's Thoughts


I have been all three at some point in my writing career.

I began as a pure plotter and finished two manuscripts. I disliked the process at the time because I could not be spontaneous whenever my characters decided to deviate from the outline.

Then I tried pure pantser with a single manuscript. It was such a disaster that I was cringing as I wrote it. That novel draft took seven years in the proverbial drawer before I could brainstorm a way to fix it. I will have to rewrite it with a plantser draft.

So I subscribe to the plantser camp, and I am attempting to figure out which plotting systems work well with me. Currently I am exploring Story Grid and Save the Cat!. I want enough of an outline to know where I'm going but enough freedom to deviate from the outline and enjoy the drafting process.

Have you worked as more than one? What has your writing journey looked like?

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