Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Creating a Writing Routine...And Sticking With the Game Plan

Do you want to write (fill in the blank) and you've been trying for (length of time) to write your project? But to begin with, what is your current project? What has your current timeline looked like in the past and what does your current writing routine look like for a current project?

Here's my example.

So I have been working on this character's story since 2011 when I combined two short stories into a novel, and I made several attempts at a novel draft. Then I took a graphic novel workshop in 2015 and now the story is a graphic novel. I created a script and just need to decide how to organize the mini stories into a cohesive or somewhat cohesive graphic novel so I can start the sketching and final stages.

My goal is to take the graphic novel script and rearrange my outline, then do sketches, then final artwork. 

Writing Routines that Worked for me in the past

1. Getting up early and working on current project prior to work. 

2. Working on lunch break.

3. And...I have not usually been successful with working on a current project after work. Just too tired. 

So that means that working on the project before work is my best bet. 

Coming up with a Game Plan

Since this is my first graphic novel, and I am a self-taught artist, I am unsure of how long it will take to complete this project, let alone the fact that I have been working on this story for a solid decade, as of this February 2021. 

What are your steps? What needs to happen first?

My steps include:

1. Organize the script.

2. Create sketches.

3. Feedback from beta readers who are fellow artists.

4. Create sample final pages.

5. Feedback from beta readers who are fellow artists.

6. Create final pages.

Tracking your progress

I'm a huge fan of bullet journaling and I have been experimenting with daily trackers. My initial goal will be working on my project every morning before work for 30 minutes and to work on my project on my days off for an hour. Once I have settled into this routine, then I can revise my progress and game plan as necessary.

How do you tackle your writing routine and game plan for a current project? What has worked for you in the past? What works for you now?

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