Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do What You Don't

Happy New Year, blogging buddies!! *tosses confetti*

So. Many of you made resolutions. Many of you didn't.

I fall somewhere in between.

You see, I haven't made a list of goals or anything. BUT I do know which goals I want to accomplish. Even so, I'm not going to actively pursue them (save for finishing my WIP and surviving my second semester of grad school). The others will stick around in my mind, but I won't freak out if they don't happen.

And this is where I jump into the folks-who-make-resolutions pile.

Obviously, I love books. Be them YA or adult. But I've noticed a pattern in my purchases--there is very little contemporary fiction. *slaps wrist*

Sure, you gotta have your preferred genres, but diversity is always welcome, right? And it's not like I don't like contemporary fiction. It is made of win. So why have I been ignoring it?

Because of this, I've decided to make... wait for it... a list. Of YA contemporary books I'll read this year. My goal? To read at least 30. The rest I buy will be in the other genres I've exploited. :D 

I'm calling this my 30 Contemp Books Challenge. I'll be writing down every title I get my hands on, just so I remind myself why I'm doing this--to grow as a writer. To soak up the sheer awesomeness of others as a reader. To not be so freakin' predictable.

My New Year's resolution: to do what I don't. 


Well, I think RPattz says it better than I ever could:

What about you? Doing anything you don't usually do this year??


  1. YA Contemp books are awesome! They are my favorite books. I recommend Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen if you haven't already read it.. it's one of my favorites. Good luck with your challenge!

  2. LOL! Love the RPatz pic! Always good to slip that eye candy into a serious post.

    I'm hoping to read most of my bookshelves this year, you know, all those books I bought or acquired from family that I was too busy actually to read! There's a good mix of genres there, BUT no 21st century contemporary! I'll need lots of help from you to discover new contemp books. So far, all I've got is SCORE by Miranda Kenneally up high on my TBR2011 list!

  3. I'm just hoping to make my way through most of my TBR pile and the various other books I have but haven't read! :-)

  4. Best of luck w/ your New Year goals!

  5. Sounds like a great goal. For me, I'm hoping to get through my TBR pile, get more awesome MS's from my crit buddies, and cookies and cake that don't make anyone gain weight. LOL.

  6. I love this idea. I'm going to do one current bestseller a month. I need to learn to write more commercially.

  7. Yay to doing what you don't!! Now let's make sure it sticks, my friends :D

    Thanks for the recs and well wishes!!


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