Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Things in the Blogosphere

There's lots of fun things happening around the interwebs today, most especially the absolutely huge, uber epic, supreme virtual launch party of AWESOME for Elana Johnson's POSSESSION!!! For deets, head to Elana's blog. Do NOT miss out on this party - prizes and fun times galore :D

The lovely mistress of cool herself, Cole Gibsen is hosting Jack Blank author Matt Myklusch on her blog - and there's a fun giveway also! Go post a comment to be entered.

The Queen of Chocolate, Steena Holmes, just released her book, THE MASTER, and has been celebrating with a few prizes this week. Go check it out :D

Annnd her fantasy highness Rebecca Knight just released her book LEGACY OF THE EMPRESS and is celebrating with an awesome contest. Hurry and enter!

If you know of any other awesome happenings, leave them in the comments! :D


  1. Awesome! I did not know about all of these and I'm excited to check them out. Thanks, Michelle!

  2. awww - thanks for mentioning my story!!!!

  3. Thanks! I've been a little out of the loop lately, so now I'll check these out! At our blog we are giving away books (Divergent, Possesseion, Dead Rules and more) and money for books! Christy

  4. Wow. Yay! I downloaded a sample of Legacy of the Empress to my Kindle and will check out the other links too!

  5. I lurked on Twitter on the POSSESSION virtual launch party and it was tons of fun. Thanks for the post.


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