Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writing With Jack Sparrow!

When you get a story idea you aren't sure about: 

Sometimes you have to trek through the jungle of words to get to the heart of the story:

When the edits get tough:

And when the darn thing is FINALLY finished:

We tip our hat, bidding adieu to our manuscript baby:

And point our compass to the horizon: 

But we all know adventures never end.... they just change direction. Because a pirate/writer never surrenders. Savvy: 

Happy writing! 


  1. I had an astute comment to make, but got distracted drooling over Johnny Depp and laughing at the fact that you included some of my favorite scenes.

  2. LOL! Awesome post, Lindsay! I love the first quote, especially, about madness and brilliance working together. Doesn't that just sum up every writer you've ever met?

  3. Hehehe! Any post with Johnny Depp is gonna make me happy, but add Jack Sparrow and I'm giggling with glee. Your advice is dead on!

  4. Ha. Very impressive advice =). I hope I can apply it to my WIP.

  5. Loved this post! :) Very true, and I love love love Jack Sparrow. Maybe a bit too much. :)


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