Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pee Pee & Writing

For the last two weeks my Goddaughter has been thrown (not literally, I know that would be cruel) into potty training.  

For anyone who has had to do this, I salute you. Not only is there the minefield of pull-up pants at all times -V- running around without pants while inside debate. There are also the constant 'do you need a...' checks. Those 'accidents' that happen on the carpet when they just. Don't. Make. It. In. Time. And the mad-dash-to-the-public-toilet-when-she-de!cides-she-needs-to-go-NOW (imagine me doing this while saying "Nearly there. Hold in that wee wee," going down an escalator in a shopping centre!). 

But one thing that seems to help encourage her is stickers and magnets on a chart when she goes potty. You'd think she'd just got an ARC of a book she's been dying to read! 

Anyway, I know you're wondering why I'm blabbering on about potty training a toddler. My answer is this: It's like a first draft. We have to work on getting it right. 

There is the planning -V- pantsing debate. 
Sometimes we set a target but fail. Sometimes we don't. 
We might promise ourselves a reward when we finish a chapter, get to a certain word count, or finish the darn thing. 
We make mistakes. Our 'accidents' can happen in word poop, odd phrasing, weird structure, and even a character deciding they Don't. Want. To. Do. That. 

But we keep at it. 

And the day comes when we master the draft/edits. And we get a nice shiny sticker/reward for our effort -- a completed manuscript. 

How are you doing on your potty/writing training? 


  1. Chocolate works for my little granddaughter. Chocolate works for writers,too :-)

    Cute analogy...

  2. Oh my. Having potty trained three kids, I don't think I ever cared to see the parallelisms between it and writing. I hope I can be a "big girl" soon and earn my sticker! Great post!

  3. I agree with Kenda! Chocolate always works with me. The thing I've found most helpful is to avoid editing until I get through the draft phase. That way, I allow myself to flow (since we're using the potty training metaphor :-D). Nothing is considered "bad." I don't beat myself up for poor word choices or "carpet accidents."

  4. I'm putting the current WIP under a rug while I do last revisions on the previous project. I got some fantastic feed back from a writer friend so I'm about ready to send it out to agents. I hope the current WIP doesn't start to stink before I get back to clean it up.

  5. Things I'm glad I never had to do!
    My reward is it's just finally done.

  6. Great analogy! I was wondering how you were going to bring that around to writing.


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