Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Self-Publishing: More on Covers

So I'm going to continue on this self-publishing thread for the next several weeks. I thought I'd focus on a question I got last week in the comments.

LinWalsh asked me what I liked in cover art. So I thought I'd share some fantasy covers that I like.

Here are the websites of some professional fantasy artists. Amazing. Enjoy. :o)

Kekai Kotaki
Todd Lockwood 

 On a side note, my submission to Angry Robot has moved up to the editorial department. (sigh). Nothing like good news to make me all confused. lol. I'll continue with the self-publishing plans until I know for certain what is up with the submission. I'll keep you all updated on how that process progresses.


  1. I particularly like the second and third covers. They're amazing!

  2. amazing covers :D And Kristal, that is AWESOME news!!! Woot! :D

  3. Those covers are way cool. And that's so awesome that your book moved up to editorial! Good luck with everything!

  4. Yay! Thanks for answering my question. I can see a pattern to the covers you like: epic-looking illustration, bold type. I really like all three. Your cover will be great!

  5. I own the first two books you show. I admit I picked up the second one from an unknown author because the cover attracted my eye.
    Good luck with Angry Robot. They rejected me last month.

  6. Outstanding cover art. I like all three.

  7. It's good to plan for all outcomes!

    Gorgeous cover art - love the last 2 in particular.

  8. The art of the second cover is stunning. I love pictures that look real, but you can also tell they're painted. It's just a huge nod to the artist.


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