Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Tell Me...What is Your Favorite Adaptation?

Since I've been taking a little break on the writing front for a couple of weeks, I've been spending a lot of time reading and watching movies. Stayed up late last night watching the making of Harry Potter (very interesting :) ), I Am Number Four is now on Pay-Per-View, I've watched the Breaking Dawn trailer a zillion times (can't wait! If you haven't seen it, our lovely Kristal has it on her blog), reread the whole Sookie Stackhouse series and am anticipating the start of the new True Blood season in a couple weeks (mostly because of yummy Alexander Skarsgar/Eric).

 (yum :D )

There are so many good movies out there based on books. Some that stick pretty close to the books (like Harry Potter and the Twilight films) and those that are more based on the storyworld and characters but add in their own far-fetched storylines (like Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood).

So I'm wondering....which book-turned-movie is your favorite? Are there any out there that you absolutely love...or hate? Do you prefer movie adaptations to remain as true to the book as possible or are you open to different interpretations of your beloved characters and stories?


  1. I think I like "Jaws" the best. I believe the film was actually better than the book, which got all complicated with Mafia overtones and Brody's wife having an affair with the oceanographer. The simplified storyline made it a much more compelling story.

  2. The movie Age of Innocence based on Edith Wharton's novel is an excellent representation, because it doesn't adapt anything. It's exact down to the gesture, which I like.

    I was also happy with the film versions of Lord of the Rings. I'm a stick-to-the-book-dammit kind of girl.

  3. LOVE: Lord of the Rings. All of them.

    HATE: Eragon. It was so bad that they never made the sequels.

  4. I agree with Matthew!! I would add the Earthsea adaptation to the hate list.

  5. I have to agree with Matthew, the Lord of the Rings movies were really well-done.

    And on a lighter note....I loved Matilda. Just thinking about that book/movie makes me smile.

  6. *Cough* I'm one of those snobs who rarely loves a movie and a book. If the book is eh, I'll give the movie more nudge room, but if I loved the book, the standards are high.
    I loved the A&E Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. They actually stood up to my expectations.
    On the flip side, I hate the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, and the Goblet of Fire was a horrible adaptation to me. And...well...I think the Twilight movies stink, mostly because I feel no chemistry between the three main actors. *shrug* Don't get me started on Ella Enchanted, either. HORRIBLE.

  7. Harry Potter!!! All 7, and probably 8 once it comes out. As far as Twilight is concerned, I was disappointed with the first two movies :(

    Awesome post!

  8. I just watched Jaws again for the first time since I was a kid - excellent! I also loved A Time to Kill movie after I read the book.
    Almost always, the books are better, but I still enjoy the movies. I can't wait for True Blood either! I need my Eric Northman fix!
    Kelly Polark


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