Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling Small

I just flew in from visiting my father last night, so I've still got a bit of jetlag. During my flights (I had to change planes), I sat next to the window. And as we took off and landed, I got to look out the window to the ground below. We passed over towns, and I saw houses the size of models. I saw cars and semi-trucks like little specs on the road. And I thought about how each of those cars carried someone driving them, and probably some passengers, too. And each of those houses held people. And every spec of light, when we were flying at night, belonged to a light source, maybe a house or a window.

In made me feel incredibly small.

For those times when we feel the world owes us, when we feel that we deserve respect. Just realize we are only one of millions of people. We are only another spec on the road to publication. And I don't say this to try and discourage anyone...because looking at it that way IS discouraging. I say it to ground those who believe they are the only special ones out there, that the industry OWES them. It owes you nothing.

Every person on that road below me was an individual, with their individual problems and individual ideas. Each spec on that road and each light, was someone with dreams.

So are your dreams more important than all of those people? Nope. Not really. The only person it is more important to...is you.

So how can we make OUR dreams rise above the millions? How can we make our dream into a reality? Well, some of those specs only THINK of their dreams; they never DO anything about it. So the fact you are reading this, brings you one step closer to your dream. And still, even some of those only do something for so long before they give up. In each step, we have obstacles. As each obstacle is set before us, we have the choice to become a spec once again or keep going. So consider each obstacle, each rejection, each failure.  How will you treat them? Will you be offended? Will you think the vast world owes you? Because, if you do, then all that happens is that you float back to the level of a spec, blending in with the masses of dream wishers. Instead, take it as a journey. Though millions of people want a dream, only a few persevere.

To rise above the millions of dream wishers, you have to climb.


  1. Lovely post, Kristal. Thanks for sharing that unique perspective (literal and figurative).

  2. Beautiful post, thanks for the encouragement. Opportunity's door may be opening, just as we've given up and turned away. Keep knocking!

  3. I think that you make a good point. The world owes us nothing. That's why I always try to choose to write from the heart. I write for me so when success comes, it is an added bonus. But if no one ever loves it, I'll still write because that is who I am.

  4. Thank you. I've been reading your posts for a while now. Such a great analogy. I do catch a lot of planes and sometimes wonder about this tiny little dot seated together with other little dots winging across the skies. So much trust in each other, flight attendants and the pilots. I guess as a beginning writer I need to have that trust too.

    One thing I think the industry owes us is respect for multi-cultural books, enough respect to publish more authors writing from within a culture and enough respect not to lighten skin tones or place main protagonists in shadow or other ways of tinkering with book covers.

  5. I agree - lovely post...one I read yesterday and am still thinking about today. ;)

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