Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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The journey of a writer has a lot to do with hope. 

Each new WiP begins with hope. 

We write the first draft hoping the words flow. We send it off to our CP's and hope they'll enjoy it. We edit with the hope that this draft will be the query-ready one. 

Then comes when day when the book is written. The editing is complete and the query and synopsis revised until they shine. We send our book baby into the world. And we wait. 

And, as we wait, we hope.


  1. I'm in that hoping/waiting limbo with an agent who likes my work and is taking a long time to just go ahead and say "Yes." Hoping and praying gets me through the day...and tinkering with my wip helps, too.

  2. I love hope. Without hope I wouldn't be able to keep my sanity while sitting here all antsy pants waiting to hear back from an agent who has my full. Not to mention hoping I win the mystery agent contest, or at least get a nibble. Without hope it would be difficult to get a first draft done. Or the second, third.... Hope feeds my soul.

  3. That's exactly where I am right now! I have partials out with 7 agents and editors right nerve wracking. The waiting part. So i try to keep busy and work on the next book! :)

  4. You made hope sound pretty. Hope can also wreak havoc on your nerves. But I prefer to go with the pretty :)

  5. Very well put, thank you for this.

  6. thanks for that positive burst!


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