Monday, June 25, 2012

Never Say Never: When You Won't Do Something Until You Do It And It's The Best Thing Ever

So. A few years ago, I learned of a new TV show premiering on AMC. 

After hearing about the show's focus (advertising heavyweights in the 60s), I said a polite "no" to Mad Men. I like to consider myself an open-minded gal, but boy, I didn't see the enjoyment of watching a show like this one. You see, I have a tendency to gag in the presence of douchebags. Now picture those douchebags in fancy suits, cheating on their housewives, belittling their secretaries, and earning a lot of money by selling things you don't need. 

Yep. That's what I thought Mad Men was all about.

"I have nothing to gain from that show!" I told everyone who recommended it to me. "It is sexist and bigoted and lame! I don't care how many awards it's been nominated for! LAME!"

Then I caved in.

I watched the first episode last Monday. As of today, I'm one episode away from finishing the first season. 

My initial instincts about the show weren't 100% wrong. The show does contain the sexist/bigoted/lame elements I scoffed at. But, holy wow, it is so much more than that, folks. SO. MUCH. MORE. It's basically a tutorial on character depth, conflict, dialogue, and pacing. The show wrote the book on unlikeable protagonists (even more than The Sopranos). Mind you, I'm still on Season 1, so I have no clue if it jumps the shark later on or not. *crosses fingers*

Here's the thing Mad Men taught me: the minute you think something has nothing to offer you as a writer, you're wrong. There's always something you can learn. Whether it's from that thing's awesomeness or suckiness. Sure, I also learn things about myself on a personal level, but as a writer, Mad Men forces me to see the craft in unlikely ways. 

Never say never, folks. You'll be robbing yourself of greatness. 

Now tell me: have you ever said LAME! at something, then ended up swallowing your words??? 


  1. The previews for Inception did not impress me at all, so I never saw it in theaters. Finally rented it and man, SO wrong. Those trailers did not do it justice. Awesome movie.

    1. YES. I actually loved the trailer, and since it's a Christopher Nolan film, I was all I AM SO THERE. :)

  2. I do that all the time. Did it with Battlestar Gallactica.
    I think Mad Med is kind of boring, though, to be honest. I liked the first season but then I kept falling asleep.

    1. I've yet to seen Battlestar Galactica! My brother loves it and has recommended it to me, so yes, I'm going to watch it eventually. And I finished MM's first season last night, and I've started Season 2, so we'll see if I fall asleep! :)


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