Tuesday, June 19, 2012

YA Crushes

Have you ever read a book and fell in love with one of the characters? And I don't men, "I really like that character" but in love with a character to the point you can envision their yummy goodness in their mind? We've all done it, I think. Especially when you have one of those panoramic imaginations. That is why when I heard about YA Sisterhood's Crush Tourney, I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Today is the last day to nomiate your crushes. So go visit their blog and give them your crushy love. Who is your favorite? (Four-Divergent). Who will you nominate? (Four) I know you all have your favorites, so I won't try to influence your decisions. (Four) But make sure you get over there and vote! (Four)

So I am leaving you with two further questions. When you found out about this tourney, did you start imaging and wishing that YOUR character could be someone's crush, and part of that list as well?

The second question I have, about voting for YA characters for crushes... Since I am...more mature, let's just say. Does having a YA crush make me a literary cougar?


  1. Lol. I'm definitely one. I'd have to say my crush was....Edward Cullen. This was before the movies and madness. I was obessed. Sigh. Not my best year. Lol

  2. :( my crushes don't even make the list and how come they're all male??

  3. I admit to being a literary cougar. And proud of it. And although I put Four on my list, Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars does it for me.

  4. Aww it's closed.
    Ah well, I haven't read much YA anyway. So my crushes (F'lar, Sparhawk, Perrin/Matt/Rand) probably wouldn't count. ^_^

  5. FOUR from Divergent, hands down. HANDS DOWN. Guh. And Augustus is a close second, if only for the "I love you and I'm not in the habit of denying myself the simple pleasures" speech.

    I frequently think about that when I'm writing. Who is "crush-worthy"...and then that spins into other things. If people wrote fanfiction on my characters, who would they ship and what awful slash pairings would come up? In one of my stories, a guy's best friend is gay. They're immeasurably close and the guy knows his friend has loved him for a long time. I can totally see people shipping them...and I wouldn't be against it ;) I'd love to see those two hookup. I'm a fangirl sometimes for my own characters. I can only hope one day my stories are published and popular enough that people write fanfiction and make gifs of them all over tumblr.

  6. I know this comment is coming a little late....but when I read this post, I was only 30 or so pages into DIVERGENT. I just finished INSURGENT. How can you not love Four after that? I'm so glad I'm not the only one (aka literary cougar)....


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