Monday, June 11, 2012

Shiny New Idea = Alexander Skarsgard

So. Shiny New Ideas. They creep up when you least expect them, don't they?

Personally, I'm not going through SNI-related issues at the moment. In fact, I'm quite focused on le WIP. Having said that, I can't deny that I identify with working hard on one project, then getting punched in the face by another project. Not only is that New Idea rather Shiny, it's also Pretty. Let's face it--Pretty Things are really, really dangerous. 

And here's where I wave my Amparo flag high, folks.

Because I'm going to talk about Alexander Skarsgard. Again.

You see, whenever I think about SNIs, I acknowledge their prettiness. It blinds me, I tell you. BLINDS. Motor skills go out the window. Sometimes for hours. Sometimes for days. I'm confident I look something like this:

That's not the worst part, though. Sure, I look slightly unhinged and on the verge of collapsing, BUT all of that is bearable. What's not bearable is the resistance. I am totally and embarrassingly powerless when it comes to resisting the SNI. I may love my WIP with all my heart, but the SNI just won't quit with the Pretty. To me, the blasted SNI looks something like this:

Alexander Skarsgard with a baby lamb? A BABY LAMB???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????

*dies from the adorable*

But I know the truth. That SNI is playing with my feelings, of course. It doesn't want what's best for me. It just wants attention. Attention that my WIP needs and won't get because of the wretched SNI. 

SNI: "I see what you did there, Amparo. You're trying to ignore me. But guess what? YOU WILL FAIL. *cackles*

Word of advice, folks? Ignore The Skarsgard. Only until after you finish your WIP. I promise you won't regret it. Even if you think you will. The Skarsgard will forgive you. 

I hope. 

Now tell me: what do you do to ignore the SNIs? Do you envision your SNIs like Alexander Skarsgard? If not, how do you envision them??


  1. Alex is my WIP's muse. Yup, I wrote him right into my WIP. I couldn't help it. The good Lord sent him to me so I could find peace within my writing. Now I'm going to sit here a drool all over you post.

  2. Yes! It's soooo haaArd...
    Excellent point!

  3. Hm, I'm guilty of this. I think it depends on what the SNI is. Sometimes I can incorporate it into my WIP and the WIP is better for it. Sometimes, I just write it down and keep it my ideas folder for a rainy day. Or, to get it out of my system, I'll turn the SNI into a short story - that takes the sparkle off it for a while.

  4. You crack me up!
    I wrote three chapters on my SNI, which is like Alex. But I have to ignore him in favor of my SWPI (still worth pursuing idea).

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  6. Who's Alexander Skarsgard? (ducks and runs out, laughing maniacally)

    Seriously, I don't picture SNI as anyone. Fortunately. The good thing for me is part of knowing when one project is done is when SNI starts taking over a bigger and bigger part of my thought process. New ideas usually wait patiently in the background until there's enough room for them to stretch.

  7. If I saw the SNI as Alexander Skarsgard, I wouldn't be able to ignore it/him. Just not gonna happen. So, I have to think of the SNI as a big black hole. One from which I shall never escape.

  8. Thank you for a good laugh this morning! ...and the lovely pictures of Alexander Skarsgard. ;)

  9. Love it! And I'm with you on imagining all my SNI look like the Skarsgard! :D

    Hmm. I try to ignore the SNI. Most of the time I write them down & try to ignore them pouting at me.

  10. I write the SNI on a posit and stick it on the wall. That way it gets a little bit of validation and I get to keep my sanity.

  11. Lol :) I've seen him in LA before, he's like 20 feet tall. I usually take a little time to run with my SNI and jot down as many notes/scenes as I can, and then leave it to come back to another time.


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