Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spinning a Story

Spider web floor

A spider begins its web with a frame. It takes time to create the structure. Sometimes it seems like no progress is being made. That it will never be strong enough to be useable. But the spider is clever. The spider knows that what makes the web stronger is the detail.

It travels round and round. Spinning the silk into the shape it needs, but knowing the truth can't be seen until the end. But it still works. Detail after detail. Hour after hour. A spider may falter, but it never gives up. It rests and returns to work.

We spin our story in the knowledge that it could fall apart at any moment, but we work. We push on with the fine thread of our plot, layering it with the detail we need. Until the day we step back and (hopefully) reveal something beautiful. The structure holds it together, but it's all in the details. The details catch the reader in our story web.

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  1. Yes! The details bring our characters to life on the page.


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