Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's a Scandalous Facebook Party!!

Hey all! :) My publisher is throwing a Masquerade Party for me and two of my fellow Scandalous authors, Tamara Hughes and Diana Quincy, over on Facebook tonight. We all have characters that hide behind some sort of mask, some literal, some figurative, and this is a really fun way to get to know our books and characters :)

It's going to be a blast and I wanted to make sure to give you a heads up because we are giving stuff away!! :D Come by and ask us anything you want, get some fun tidbits on our books, play some games and get some chances to win gift cards and prizes. I'll be giving away a Blood Blade Sisters necklace :)

Just come by the Scandalous Facebook page from 8-10pm EST tonight and join in the fun!!


  1. That was crazy fun! Some of the best questions and answers I've read in an event like that. You can still go back and read them all, btw!


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