Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tomorrow is #MSWL Day!

Just a little reminder that tomorrow on Twitter is Manuscript Wish List Day!

This great event put on by Literary Agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, and writer, KK Hendin, encourages agents and editors to share their wishes for what types of manuscripts they'd like to see in their inbox!

All day long you will see tweets from agents/editors, followed by the hashtag, #mswl. This indicates that they want to share their current wants and needs for their list.

A couple of things of note:

1) THIS IS NOT A PITCH EVENT.  It is simply a way for agents/editors to share with the writing community what types manuscripts they are seeking right now.

2) DO NOT @ an agent with questions in regards to their wish list. Go to their website if you need more submission information.

3) All is not lost if you can't follow during the day. Each agent/editor's wish list will be noted and included on the Agent and Editor Wish List page on Tumblr. Here is the link with more details and a few FAQs : http://agentandeditorwishlist.tumblr.com/about

So follow along tomorrow if you can! And here's hoping an agent out their is seeking your exact type of manuscript!

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