Sunday, April 12, 2015

Goodbye for now

Hello there, Operation Awesome!

Well, y'all, this is a bittersweet post to make. After two, well, awesome years at OA, I will be stepping down as a regular contributor to the blog. This will not be goodbye forever - you may see me around these parts from time to time as a guest poster, and you will absolutely see me haunting the comments section!

It's been such an honor and a joy to give back to a blog that gave me so much throughout my writing journey, to help arrange the Mystery Agent and Editor contests that introduced me to so many amazing people as a querying writer. I have enjoyed the warmth, wisdom, and insight these ladies have offered over the years, and I know I will keep on enjoying it going forward.

And most of all, it's been wonderful to meet all of you and watch all of these journeys in progress. And if I could leave you (for now) with one last bit of advice, it would be not to decide, ahead of time, how your journey will or should go. The publishing way of life has a way of defying the narratives we craft in our own writing. It has a way of sidestepping the foregone conclusions and bringing on the curveballs. It has a way of taking forever, and when we stop expecting it, it has a way of moving forward all at once.

It can be overwhelming, all these ups and downs, all this uncertainty. And there's so little of it you can control, including, sometimes, how you feel about all of it - especially, sometimes, how you feel about all of it. But you can be positive when it's time to be positive, and when it sucks, you can let it suck. You can be understanding and patient, while never forgetting to advocate for and value yourself. You can work hard and be passionate about what you're working on, and if you need to step back, you can step back. And you can be kind to the people you meet along the way. And that includes being kind to yourself.

And with that, I will take a step back and let the fabulous ladies of OA take it from here. Thank you all for having me. I look forward to seeing where your journeys take you from here!


  1. Well said! That describes the writer's life so well! I hope you enjoy your journey going forward. I am excited to see what you do next. I have always appreciated your kindness and positive outlook. You inspire me. Till next time, farewell!

  2. We'll miss your contributions, Becky! Please do keep in touch. :)

  3. Becky, thanks for all the time you have given to our online writing community. Take care.

  4. Thank you for giving us so much of yourself, Becky. Best of luck in the future and we'll see you around!

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