Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Artistry for Authors

It's been just over a year since I started making my miniature book charms for authors, and it's been an amazing experience! I've met so many wonderful people in the process.

I think it has something to do with my clients being in the final stages of a book. It's the stage when you are DONE with all the nit-picky editing and the cover is finalized...when it's time for getting fun presents and swag items for contests and celebrations. The stage when you finally have something to show for all that hard work you've put in, and you can finally start showing off a finished product!

No one knows better than an author (or perhaps an involved spouse), how much time and effort goes into the creation of a single book. I'm so proud of all the people who've endured the process to the end, and THANK YOU for letting me be part of the celebrations. :-)

Check out the brand New Blog (especially the gallery of charming clients!) and 'like' my Facebook Fan Page for special announcements and offers.

If you're going to BEA 2015, stay tuned for a special deal on these mini booklets! (Features your front/back cover and approximately the first thousand words of your novel)

Don't you love swag?
I think it ranks right up there with "The End," "Send me a full ms," and, "You have a deal."

BE PROUD of your accomplishments and show it off to the world!


  1. They are so, well, charming! I absolutely love them, especially the Moonflower one. It would be great for a fangirl like me to have a whole charm bracelet of favorites. People would know without even talking to me exactly who I am. :)

  2. Thanks, Katrina! I have my books hanging on my computer bag. It's sort of like proof when people ask what I do and I say I'm a writer. (I often take my laptop to the pool when the kids have swim team practice) "These are my books!" :-)


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