Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Museday is back!

I missed doing Tuesday Museday--I can't believe that this is the first one of 2016 and it's February! So, for your inspiration today... (drumroll, please)

Write a scene in which your character does something that makes another character very nervous.

Need fresh eyes on your query letter or Twitter pitch? I'm offering up a critique this week. Speak up in the comments (include your twitter handle or e-mail) and I'll select someone at random for a critique!


Suja said...

I'd love fresh eyes on my query letter. Thanks :)
Twitter handle @SujaSukumar

Unknown said...

I'd love some eyes on mine as well.
Twitter: @KARiley40

Interesting challenge! More so because the MC doesn't like making people nervous, but I know exactly who would get nervous around him. Now I must write!

Elisa Jacobs said...

I'd love a query letter critique!

My Twitter handle is @elisasjacobs

I love this idea for a scene. I've been in a rut lately with my WIP, and I think I'm going to try this!

Not So Sexy Secretary said...

I would love a query letter or twitter pitch critique!
twitter: @ilovebooks257
Thank you! :)

Unknown said...


My query could really use a fresh pair of eyes. I've been through so many revisions, and used so many versions, I can't really tell anymore what works and what needs to be cut out. Or worst, I might need to start from scratch. Cold shivers.

My e-mail is: denisa.melinte@ymail.com

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Oohhh,ooohhhh, my pitch needs some help!!

Unknown said...

Oohhh,ooohhhh, my pitch needs some help!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing this! @rsjoneseeauthor

Kara Reynolds said...

Okay, that's the cutoff!

Kara Reynolds said...

Hi Denisa,
Feel free to send me your query! operationawesome6 at gmail. Include my name in the subject line. Thanks!