Friday, January 27, 2017

Flash Fiction Contest #26

Have you ever been told a tall tale and you know it? Little kids are famous for it, spinning out yarns that it's hard to listen to with a straight face.

Show us your tallest tales-- reasons why you were late or why you didn't get X done. The wilder and taller, the better!!

The deadline for entry is noon Sun 1/29, with the winner announced later in the afternoon. Rules can be found here. As always, have fun!


  1. "Why were you late to class again" my teacher asked me her voice showing her frustration.
    Wildly I thought of reasons that could make me late, car crashes, planes falling
    out of the sky. Finally I settled on the one thing she could not argue with me about.
    "My bedroom door would not open" I told her about how no matter how loud I yelled my mom wouldn't come help me. I said didn't have a phone in my room so I could call her.
    "What did you do?" she sounded curious. I told her about climbing out my bedroom window and down the roof to the ledge then jumping onto the small shed we have and down.
    "Oh my" she replied
    "Yes but that is not what made me late"
    "I forgot my books so I had to climb back up to my room to get them"
    I am not sure why I didn't get in trouble I think it may have been because she was laughing too hard to yell at me.


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