Saturday, April 4, 2020

#AtoZChallenge - Daydreaming

Welcome to D-DAY of the Operation Awesome A-to-Z Blogging Challenge!  This month we're doing 26 posts on WRITING MOTIVATION

Are you burned out?  That's okay!  Taking a break from your WIP is sometimes what you need to recharge.  Or, are you letting your current WIP sit for the recommended 4+ weeks so you can go back to it with fresh eyes?

My part of our Writing Motivation theme is – Things to work on that still count as writing!
D – Daydreaming

Is your Act 2 suffering from sagging middle syndrome?  Are you stuck on a plot point?  What happens next?  Ideas for your new WIP?

You have the permission of the Operation Awesome team [not that you need it] to take some time to daydream!  Go for a walk.  Stare out the window.  Draw.  Paint.  Work with clay.  Watch a movie.  Read a book.  Clean your house.  Take a shower.  [Isn't it always strange that you get really good ideas while you're in the shower?]

After all, writers are never NOT writing.  Sometimes the writing is just happening only in your head.

Evaluating ideas

If you're out of ideas

Where do you get your ideas?

Worried that someone will steal your ideas?


Where ideas come from

The art of finding ideas

Come back tomorrow for more WRITING MOTIVATION!

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  1. Great post! I find walking/running with my favorite music gets my ideas flowing. I used to get great ideas in the shower, till I bought a waterproof notepad to keep in there. The ideas took one look at my new idea recording device and fled in terror.

  2. What a wonderful post! A wonderful reminder that creativity does not sleep. I loved this: "After all, writers are never NOT writing. Sometimes the writing is just happening only in your head." Like Janet, I find that walking/running really work for generating ideas. But also, like Patricia mentioned, daydreaming helps a lot to loosen things up.

  3. Yes! Daydreaming is an awesome way to keep a book alive.

  4. I have two well practiced methods - an hour in foam bath whilst listening to classical music or a wander down my road to the beach and watching the sea ebb and flow.

    Keith's Ramblings

  5. Daydreaming is a wonderful thing - I can always tell if I'm really stressed because I can't daydream, so when I can it's always a pleasure.
    Tasha 💖
    Virginia's Parlour - The Manor (Adult concepts - nothing explicit in posts)
    Tasha's Thinkings - Vampire Drabbles

  6. Thank you! This was so helpful! I've saved it so I can take more time to look at the links!

  7. Daydreaming helps me, sometimes, but I find that inspiration tends to strike at inopportune moments (usually when a pen is out of reach). xD


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