Monday, April 20, 2020

#AtoZChallenge - Query

Welcome to Q-DAY of the Operation Awesome A-to-Z Blogging Challenge!  This month we're doing 26 posts on WRITING MOTIVATION

Are you burned out?  That's okay!  Taking a break from your WIP is sometimes what you need to recharge.  Or, are you letting your current WIP sit for the recommended 4+ weeks so you can go back to it with fresh eyes?

My part of our Writing Motivation theme is – Things to work on that still count as writing!

Q – Query

If your goal is to be traditionally published, you'll definitely need a query letter.  If your goal is to work directly with a small publisher, you'll still need a query letter.  After all, you need to introduce your book to the agent or publisher.

And even if you want to self-publish, a query letter allows you to focus on the hook of your story to draft the back-cover copy or Amazon description.

Many writers have learned that writing the query BEFORE you even write the manuscript helps keep you focused on the story you're trying to get on the page.

Knowing how to write a good query letter is important.  So check out these pages and then start working on your query letter.  It may also serve to get you excited again to finish your project so you can join those who are already in the query trenches!

When Should You Write Your Query Letter

Everything You Need to Know about Query Letters
[Includes links for (1) writing a basic query, (2) query dos and don'ts, and (3) the ultimate cheat sheet on query letters]

Query Shark
[a literary agent tears apart queries and tells you what's right and where it went wrong]

Query Tracker
[query letter basics]

Come back tomorrow for more WRITING MOTIVATION!


  1. Thanks for this. May be I am too naïve- I didn't know what Query Letter is all about. Got to know a new term today. Q is indeed a challenging prompt. A lot of new things to learn today.


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