Monday, April 13, 2020

#AtoZChallenge--Keep Going

Are you stuck at the midpoint in your novel? Find yourself in a plothole and can’t seem to get out of it? Well, look no further! Here are some practical tips to push through your challenging midpoint:

·      Step away and come back later
o   Take the time to alleviate your frustration and come back with new eyes. It often lets you see a new angle to attack the problem.
·      Re-write the scene but end it in a different way
o   See if you could try giving the characters a new challenge. Write the ending to the scene in a different way. Experiment with what you can put the characters through so that they can be geared up for the harrowing climax.
·      Re-write the scene with another point of view
o   If your book is written in first person, try third person and vice versa. Writing the scene through a different perspective may help you see any holes or problems in the overall plot.
·      Don’t beat yourself up
o   This is probably the most important thing. Be kind to yourself and don’t get worked up over writer’s block. You will get through this.
·      Make a playlist of music or videos that remind you of the characters or plot
o   This could inspire you or give you new ideas for scenes if you get lost in the music.
·      Write the ending and outline key points connecting the midpoint to climax.
o   If you know where the characters are going to end up, writing the climax will come easier. If you list all of the scenes that you thought of between the midpoint and climax, you’ll be able to connect them easier.

We here at OA wish you nothing but the best on your writing journey! Let us know in the comments how you got through your challenging midpoint! :)

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  1. Great suggestions!

    One thing that helps me in the big middle muddle is to make a list of 100 scenes that could go in my novel. Somewhere in that list is likely the next scene that I need and I can keep going back to the list for future scenes when I get stuck.

  2. Great points.
    Writing a book is not easy.
    We need to be 'kind' to our own self & keep going!
    Take care. Stay safe.

  3. I think "Don't beat yourself up" is the most important...

  4. Great post! I enjoyed it. There's some excellent tips here. Will share with my writing group too.

  5. Such great advice and timely too since I'm stuck in the middle of my novel. Luckily I do know where the characters end up so I'm writing the scenes I know I'll need and then trying to join them all up, just as you suggest in your last point.
    I'm not sure when you changed your blog header but I love the new look.

  6. Ugh, the dreaded middle! These are great suggestions! I find it helps me to use index cards to plan and arrange scenes, but I've never done 100! I'm pretty sure I couldn't think of that many :-)


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