Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#MSWL (Manuscript Wish List) Day!

About six months ago, a fun idea was brought to the Twitter feed by writer, KK Hendin. The thought was to start a hashtag, #mswl (manuscript wish list), which would encourage literary agents and publishers to share with the Twitterverse their desires for certain manuscripts. What started with one agent, morphed into two, then three, etc. Soon, many major agents were getting on board, describing what they wanted to see in their inboxes.

This project was specifically created to alert writers as to what agents are looking for. This is NOT a pitch session. The #MSWL tag should ONLY be used by publishers and agents in the feed when discussing what they want to see - NOT to promote books, or ask questions to agents directly about their interests.

If you think you have something that would be perfect for a participating agent, then you must follow all the traditional query standards:

1) Only query a finished, polished manuscript

2) Again follow ALL submission guidelines as designated by the agency's website

3) If, and only if, an agent mentions it, you can use #MSWL term in your query subject line. Only do this if you are sending a manuscript that might complement an agent's specific interests.

If you're not ready to query, this is a great time to scroll the feed and do some research. Check out which agents want historical, or fantasy, and make note of it. Then, when  your manuscript is ready, you'll know who to approach.

Again, please follow ALL the rules of this event, and take notes, copious notes! It will definitely help you when you query down the line!

For more information, and a complete list of each agent's wish list, you can go here: http://agentandeditorwishlist.tumblr.com/

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