Friday, September 6, 2013

Writing in a new place

Happy Friday, OAers! It is a glorious day in Beckyville, for I have Internet once more! Now granted, I still had Internet on my phone, and at work (I do not, I repeat, I do not condone Twittering at work... *wink*) but I am spoiled.

The reason I didn't have Internet for a while is because I moved! I am finally settled in my new apartment in my beloved New England, enjoying the cool night air by an open window and listening to what sounds like my upstairs neighbors bowling on the wooden floors. (No place is perfect, after all.)

But I'm finding, once again, that being in a new atmosphere does wonders for kickstarting your writing brain. I came up with many of my manuscript ideas on the cusp of starting something new in the non-fictional world: I powered through one manuscript while studying abroad in Japan, started another when I moved to a new city to start my first job, and accordingly, a couple weeks ago, I started up a shiny new WIP after coming here. Something about new scenery, new sounds and smells, and a new commute just lays the groundwork for a new world to be built in a different part of my brain.

Does a change of scenery mean a new WIP for you? Or are you more productive when you have a comfy writing routine?


  1. A change of scenery doesn't mean a new WIP, but it often helps me if I'm having a rough day writing.

  2. I once did all my writing in my grandmother's room, but once she passed I didn't think I'd feel comfortable writing anywhere else. But like you, I found that a new atmosphere actually did me some good!


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