Friday, February 7, 2014

TGIF - here's some writing music for your weekend!

Happy Friday, OA!

How many of you are settling down to a writing weekend? It's perfect weather for it here in New England: icy, cold, and slushy, generally the February standard around these parts. But that means everyone else is staying in, too. And in an old house like this, I hear just about every footstep overhead!

Having good writing music is super important to me for this reason. Writing music is distinct from my project playlists, which are best for long, brainstorming walks. Writing music, for me, is generally instrumental, evokes some kind of mood, and helps me drown out the din and concentrate. I know some of you are much better at finding your zen place amidst chaos (this is why I could never write in a cafe!) but for my fellow noise-sensitive writers, here's a recommendation for you. Which I tried to embed, but apparently am not HTML-savvy enough to do so...

This is one of my favorite tracks from Disparition, an instrumental (for now) solo composing project that, as described on their website, "combines a variety of electronic and industrial influences and techniques with interpretations of histories and geographies." In some pieces, like the above Ditmas, the piano melody is featured more strongly, while others have a more surreal electronic sound. 

And a lot of them are, to put it mildly, a horror writer's best friend, and have been fantastic for the eerier scenes in my manuscript. But even if your project isn't high on creep factor, Disparition still makes fabulous writing music.

If you'd like to check out more, the main page is here, with links to Soundcloud and iTunes. And if you'd like more of a taste, the (free!) album When Fourteen Suns is intended as a work aid for writing.

Enjoy, everyone! And if you'd like to share your favorite writing music in the comments, please feel free!


  1. Great music! It's a nice fit for what I'm currently working on!

    I was recently given a pair of super high quality noise reduction headphones and I LOVE them. They're so comfortable and instantly block out the real world (something I never wanted to do when my kids were young). I always feel half my attention is on the kids, in case I'm needed, and with the headphones blocking 90% of all sound, I can put ALL of my attention on my project, and the kids have to make an effort to actually walk over to me if they want my attention (and most of the things they want my attention for just aren't worth THAT much effort LOL)

    Anyway, listening to the When Fourteen Suns album now! (I wonder how they came up with that title) It's really nice!!!

  2. I'm not sure why I don't use headphones more; the sound is much better than through my laptop speaker. And yes, I am looking at a weekend inside, butt-on-couch, writing.

  3. That's really lovely! Thanks for sharing :D


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