Friday, February 10, 2017

Flash Fiction Contest #27

Valentine's Day is almost here! I hope everyone gets something sweet from someone special, and speaking of sweet, how about some romantic poetry?

For this #OAFlash fiction contest, please submit a 3 line haiku using conversation hearts. I'm including some pictures of conversation hearts, in case you need some help w/the phrases. You can also come up with your own, as long as they are conversation heart-like. =)

Deadline is at noon on Sunday, with the winner announced later that afternoon.


ikmar said...

Challenged accepted :)

words, sweet words consumed
be they character arcs or
conversation hearts

Unknown said...

Let's kiss my baby

Love you my girl crazy for you

So fine you and me

Dani C. said...

Recipe 4 love
Spice it up, my honey bun
You & me, let’s kiss

Jennifer Ann Margaret Patino said...

Be Mine. I take time
eating your sugar heart out.
I'm crazy 4 u.

Leandra Wallace said...

Nice rhyming!

Leandra Wallace said...

Let's just hope not too crazy! ;)

Leandra Wallace said...

Yum, honey buns!

Leandra Wallace said...

Sugar heart, I like!

Jennifer Ann Margaret Patino said...

Thanks 😊