Friday, February 17, 2017

Watching Movies to Help Your Writing

Depending on what I'm writing, I often utilize movies to help with fleshing out my story. Especially if the story is a historical or fantasy, I can use movie magic to help me with setting, clothes, and dialogue.

When I was writing my historical fantasy, I watched The Patriot, and also, National Treasure. The Patriot was great for period details, and National Treasure for getting me excited all over again about the Revolutionary War and Benjamin Franklin (who was in my book). 

Right now I'm drafting a fantasy with 1920 ties, and so I recently just finished the tv series, Downton Abbey. I kept a notebook to jot down certain phrases to incorporate into my book, as well as a sharp eye on the outfits that were being worn. I also want to rewatch The Great Gatsby (the one starring Leo D) as well. 

So don't feel guilty the next time you plop down on the couch to do some tube watching-- just call it research and dig into some popcorn!


  1. If you need a beta reader for your 1920s fantasy, sign me up! You had me at Downton Abbey :0)


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